Elle Macpherson Merry Widow

            Elle Macpherson Merry Widow are great looking Lingerie items with a vampy boudoir you need to spice up your life with luxurious looks from lace, satin and silk. Elle Macpherson Lingerie has been a worldwide seller from the infamous reputation of the Australian model and has produced beautiful looking collections that have their own distinctive identity and looks throughout the ranges including beautiful Merry Widows. The Elle Macpherson Merry Widows contour the body with a slimming effect from the boned bodies, fully adjustable straps, underwired cups and an added feature of the garter straps to attach to your stockings for an ultimate chic look. At Bras & Honey we have a great choice of Elle Macpherson Merry Widows for you to choose from with a great support, comfortable fit and flattering look to the figure. The Merry Widows are specially designed to keep that sensual look with the best quality of fabrics for you to choose from with a vintage inspiration that uses perfect textures and looks that will make you feel 100%. We aim to give you the best Merry Widows which we have specially chosen for the best look we can offer you with the right amount of support. The Merry Widows are a lightweight shaping corset for a more comfortable look without any restrictions while you are wearing them and enhance your figure with bold and beautiful styles. The Merry Widows are designed to give you a light shaping that isn’t designed to fasten as tightly has a corset but still gives a great look that also has a built in bra. If you have any questions about the Elle Macpherson Merry Widows or anything else in the Elle Macpherson Lingerie collection please contact us today.

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