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Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

Want to buy Lingerie or Swimwear for your wife?

When a Man buys lingerie for the Lady in his life he will invariably get things wrong. Even though there are guides like this (and several more are available online as well), it is still very good advice to keep your purchase receipt in case your partner, or you, need to return the goods to where they were purchased from for an exchange or refund.


Make sure you know her clothing size:

This can be tricky, buy her lingerie or swimwear that is too big or too small and you could upset her, Women are very particular about their body size and can be easily offended... as you most likely know only too well. Probably best not to ask her size as she will become suspicious and begin asking you questions, and she will very likely figure out what you are up to quickly, and ruin the surprise you have planned. See if you can locate and find her size on products that she often wears from her wardrobe, probably worth avoiding getting the sizes from clothing she rarely wears as it may be too tight or loose. Make sure you write it down, do not try to remember.

Buy for her, not for you:

Remember that you are buying for her, not you, what you find attractive may make her feel unattractive. Take note of the styles she tends to buy, she will have her preferred and favourite types. Check if she prefers thongs to full briefs or simple smooth bras to lacy ones, does she ever buy padded bras, and so on. Different women like different materials so check the labels of anything she already has that is similar to the purchase you have in mind. If at the end of the day, you are still unsure, a classic black lace bra with matching full briefs is a safe bet, and if buying lingerie, consider getting her matching suspenders, if she is not keen she can always choose whether or not to wear them.

Lingerie Buying Guide

Flatter her assets: If she is a bit self-conscious, and many women are, negligees and babydolls are great gift options. They provide more coverage while remaining flirty and sexy. Tip: Remember to remind her how beautiful she is! When she feels good, you feel good.

Open Your Wallet

Good lingerie and swimwear costs good money and can be a little expensive, but that price is reflected in the quality, design and high quality fabrics, at least that is certainly the case at Bras & Honey. A woman loves feeling sensual and she will appreciate good quality fabrics, silk and lace against her skin. Avoid cheap lingerie and swimwear, this is going against her soft and cared for skin!

Buy Complete Set Lingerie

There really is no point being half-hearted with your gift to the Woman you love, do not just buy a bra or a pair of briefs. Lingerie is an outfit, a matching outfit, make sure you get her the whole outfit and not just a part of it, and as mentioned do not forget the suspenders. She will look great and you will also get the benefit of her looking as good as she does.

Keep it Sexy but Classy

When choosing Lingerie or Swimwear as a gift at Bras & Honey, or anywhere else for that matter, make sure you buy lingerie that will look elegant and beautiful on her, this in itself is very sexy and she will feel that through what she wears. When buying lingerie for her make sure you avoid the uncomfortable and, shall we say 'tartier' wear, she would much rather the soft, flowing and elegant form of some classy underwear, than that of a lesser quality clothing product. Just remeber, she will feel good if she looks good.

What Women Want

Make sure you put some thought in to your lingerie or swimwear gift, she will really appreciate it! If she knows that you have put effort, as well as some money, into buying her the perfect lingerie she is going to be delighted with you and genuinely pleased with her gift. Think about the colours she likes, think about the styles she prefers

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