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Bra Cup & Breast Size Size Survey 2013


F Cup: The Most Popular Bra Size

Bra Cup & Breast Size Size Survey 2013

We were really quite curious about what is the most popular bra size at Bras and Honey for the first half of 2013, there have been many previous bra size surveys for breast sizes, but things can change quickly due to lifestyle, social and diet changes within modern society and we wanted to build an accurate chart of just what our customers are buying and what bra size they tend to be. Average bra sizes are getting bigger through the years! for example; in the United Kingdom it used to be 36D, and 34B a decade ago.

And so we have conducted our own in-depth bar size survey of Bra Back and Bra Cup Sizes which is based on sales through the Bras and Honey website for the first half of 2013 (January to June), the bra customers were located from all around the world but primarily the UK and the USA.

The bra size purchases were made over a six month period, during which time there were nearly 1,700 bras sold across 80 different bra sizes ranging from 28D to 46F.

The Top 5 Bra Sizes

We found that the most popular bra size was the 32F with 4.98% of the total sales, followed by 34F at 4.38%, 34E at 4.02%, 36F at 3.96% and 32FF at 3.84% of the total, with the remaining 75 sizes that were included in this survey being less popular, although it must be said that percentages are really quite small when it comes to the differences in bra sizes. There were some peaks and a few strange results in this survey, an example is the 36F which was very popular, the other cup sizes in the 36 back category were considerably less popular.

To view the full size Bra Size Chart Survey results in PDF please click the image above.


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