48H Bras

Getting a bra in a 48H that fits you perfectly and gives you the support that you need where you need it can be a tall order. Not only do you want bras in a 48H that have the support in the right places to give you the shape and uplift that you would expect, you also want them to be fashionable in an array of beautiful colors. Getbras stock all the leading brands like Goddess, Felina, Parfait, Elomi and Curvy kate to name but a few. These companies are the market leaders in the design of lingerie and swimwear for the lady with the fuller figure and the larger chest. We also sell the matching Panties to complete the look. Getbras also stock Bridal lingerie, Swimwear and strapless bras. If you are unable to find what you are looking for contact us.

Anita Extreme Control Plus Big Cup Sports Bra, Black/Anthracite

        If you would like more information on the Anita Extreme Control Plus Big Cup Sport...

Fit Fully Yours Kristina Soft Cup Bra, Champagne

The Fit Fully Yours Kristina Soft Cup Bra, Champagne is perfectly designed to keep you comfortable espe...
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