Fashion Tape

                Fashion tape has quickly become a fashion favorite that every lady has in her closet. The double sided tape is perfect of keeping you slinky, plunging neckline in place. With correct fitting this breast tape helps secure gowns or blouses in place especially if you are not looking to make a scene. A secret for many years with fashion designers, fashion tape has shot to the top of most ladies must have category when they have seen the effectiveness of it on the catwalk and in magazines. Perfect for lower fronted garments or those that have an open side or enlarge arm opening. Using this Flash tape can reduce the chance of gaps between buttons and of unwanted cleavage showing. Brand such as Braza have developed Flash tape into a product that is an easy to use fashion accessory that will secure you all night long. Fashion tape by Maidenform is also transparent to make it even more difficult to get caught out.

                Fashion Forms Tape N Shape Breast Tape Roll

                The Fashion Forms Tape N Shape Breast Tape Roll is a water resistant tape that is ideal for when you wa...

                Boob Tape And Nipple Cover Kit

                The Boob Tape And Nipple Cover Kit is a kit that is made up of Fashion Forms Tape N Shape Breast Tape R...
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