Post Mastectomy Bra Guide

At Bras and Honey Boutique we have developed a Post Mastectomy Bra Guide as we understand each woman is different and that each woman that goes through a mastectomy has different lifestyle needs. At Bras and Honey all of our post mastectomy fitters offer all patients an individualized and private fitting for breast forms and bras.

Our certified mastectomy fitters work with each patient to find the correct size and style for all of our patients, the aim is to restore a natural look and to help you find items that will suit your unique needs. In the privacy of a comfortable and spacious fitting room, you will learn about the range and variety of products that will be useful during treatment and recovery. Our goal is to help you find products that are comfortable and enhance healing.

We encourage you to come and see us before your surgery or treatment. One of our helpful certified fitters will help you with your selection.

After undergoing a full or partial mastectomy you may choose to have reconstruction, or you may choose to wear an external breast form. At our Breast Care Boutique you will find a full range of products from prostheses and pocketed bras, compression garments and other accessories.

With the recent improvements in breast forms, there are now lightweight styles for leisure and sleeping, waterproof forms for swimming and also custom forms that are specially made to contour to the patients body shape.

If your mastectomy was five or more years ago, your needs may have changed from when you first had your surgery.

Depending on your insurance they will pay for a Silicone Prosthesis every two years and two bras every six months.

If you have Medicare insurance you are allowed as many mastectomy bras as deemed reasonable and necessary.

Insurance Billing Service

We accept Atena, Cigna Medicare, Multiplan, Tricare, and several private insurances. Insurance companies require that you have a prescription. For PPO Insurance a current RX is needed. Once you have this it is valid for one year from the date it is issued. For HMO insurance a current Authorization/Referral is required. This paperwork is generated through your primary doctors office. This paperwork can be faxed to our office at 619-458-9110.

We can request all necessary documentation, directly from your physician.

For PPO’s a current Our reimbursement experts can advise you if a particular product is covered by your insurance, we will also work with your doctor to ensure you receive the best possible items for your individual needs.

We will file your claim directly to your primary insurance.

What is a breast form

A breast form can be made from silicone or form, they are made safe materials, they are made to be similar to natural breast tissue. Forms are similar in color, weight and texture to a natural breast, the forms are contoured for a supple and natural appearing silhouette. Breast forms are not just a matter of aesthetics, they can be vital to your overall health. The form has been created to replace the weight and shape removed during surgery, they provide better balance and posture. Wearing a form reduces the strain on the body, and helps prevent the chest and shoulders from sinking and rolling.

Sometimes you will may experience your shoulders or back hurting, you may also feel off balance and you have noticed that your shoulders are uneven and you chest is caving. Wearing a silicone breast form may help significantly with these issues.

Is your prosthesis feeling heavy…. It may be time for a new bra. Bras are designed to last 6 months if you are wearing the same bra daily. When your bra gets old you will notice that the elastic has worn out, when this happens your bra can no longer hold your breast form close to your body. We recommend that you get fitted for bras every year. Your health insurance may cover your new bras.

We have included some frequently asked questions below.


Do I need my prescription before my appointment?

Yes you will need a prescription before your appointment, we can request this from your physician. In order for us to do this we need your physician’s name and contact number.

Do I need to get my prescription?

You do not need to get your prescription we can do this for you. If you do decide to get your prescription please ask your primary doctor for the prescription. You can also ask your doctor to fax your prescription directly to us on 619-458-9110.

How do I get my prescription?

You primary doctors office will generate your prescription.

How do I know what my insurance will cover/pay for?

You can call us on 619-282-1178 and speak to one of our reimbursement experts, they can advise you if a particular product is covered by your insurance. They will also advise how much is covered for particular products.

How many bras am I entitled to?

This is dependent on your insurance, most private health insurance companies will cover two bras a year. Medicare will cover as many as is necessary up to 12 bras a year.

How often should I get new bras?

This depends on how often you wear a bra, if you are wearing the same bra daily it will not last much more than a month. If however you have two bras that you wear everyday they will need to be replaced after six months. If you have four or five bras and you rotate these bras, these bras can last for a year.

How often should I get a new prosthesis?

Your health insurance will pay for a new silicone prosthesis every two years. Under certain circumstances you may qualify for a new prosthesis before your two years has passed. These circumstances include weight gain and weight loss. If you need a new prosthesis before the two year anniversary, you should contact your primary doctor they will be able to prescribe a new prosthesis.

How long after my surgery should I wait to get my first bra and prosthesis?

You should wait 6 to 8 weeks before coming for your first fitting, the reason for this is it gives you enough time to heal, there should be no open wounds. Also this gives you enough time for the swelling to subside.

Do I need an appointment?

We like you to make an appointment so that we can focus entirely on you for the duration of the time you are in the store. We can usually make appointments for the same day, or next day.

Just because we need you to make an appointment this does not mean that we cannot see you for a long time.

Why do I need to make an appointment?

By making an appointment it gives us enough time to get your paperwork from the doctor.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment you need to call 619-282-1178, we can then schedule an appointment.

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

You will need to bring your insurance card. If you have your prescription you will need to bring that with you too.

How long will the appointment take?

We book all patients in for one hour long appointments, sometimes you will not be in the fitting for the full hour. We do this so that there is no rush, it gives you plenty of time for the fitting and to ask any questions you may have.

What should I expect at a fitting?

When you come for your first fitting with us we will have you fill out some forms, once we have completed the paperwork we will carry out the fitting. You will be seen by a certified mastectomy fitter, in a large comfortable

Can somebody come with me?

Yes you can have somebody come with you, you can also decide if that person comes into the fitting with you. We will always ask your permission for somebody to come into a fitting with you.

What do I need to wear?

You should wear clothing that you find easy to get in and out of because you will need to remove all your clothing from your top half. We recommend that you wear or bring separately close fitting clothing so that you can see your silhouette and you can see how the bra and prosthesis work under your clothing.

Can I take my products with me?

Yes you can if there is no need to order any of your items from the manufacturer. If we do need to order the items we can ship these items to you when they arrive from the manufacturer free of charge.

How do I know if you take my insurance?

We take a number of health insurance and we are adding more health insurance companies all the time. We recommend that you call us to find out if we take your insurance.

Will I need to fill out paperwork?

Yes you will need to fill out paperwork.

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