Mastectomy Bra Fitting San Diego

Are you looking for Mastectomy Bra Fitting in San Diego a bra boutique that will offer you a comfortable environment and walk you through all the process of getting fitted for a mastectomy bra and breast form? Here at Bras & Honey we welcome women that have had mastectomy's and partial mastectomy's. We have specially trained mastectomy fitters that are able to fit you and provide you with bras that fit.

We accept insurance and we will take care of the billing and we will even contact your doctor and get your authorization for you . Are also wanting to see a full range of mastectomy bras and not be shown bras that do not suit your style or you? Why should you accept the this is all we have mentality, instead accept that there is so much choice I didn't know I had all these bras available to me.

Did you know that mastectomy bras come in all colors and that you can even get prints and strapless bras? The only thing that will limit your choice is your imagination!

We find that a lot of people are confused about what their insurance will pay for, when they should get new bras and replace old bras. Did you know that most insurance will pay for your bras and your breast forms. If you are unsure about what your insurance covers, give us a call on 619-282-1178 and we will let you know what you are entitled to. 



Reserve your Mastectomy Bra Fitting

To arrange your Mastectomy Bra Fitting in our San Diego store please call us on 619-282-1178 or complete the following form:



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