Felina Lingerie

            The Felina Lingerie USA brand continues now for over 20 years to take American fashion to the highest international standards. No longer do women have to depend on Europe for classy and luxurious undergarments. Felina creates apparel that is pleasing both to the look and feel. The Family run company has developed it's fabulous lingerie collections over 25 years since it's inception in 1982. With this extensive history they have developed a fantastic knowledge on Bra fitting, bra manufacturing, designing and the best use of fabrics. Supplying their products world wide they have an intelligent way of mixing European influenced designs with the latest trends and the best technical manufacturing processes. Their extensive catalog includes the ever popular Felina Aubrie underwire full coverage convertable bra that is available in a range of colors including black, fawn and Gray heather. The Aubrie bra is one of the most versatile bras on the market that allows you to remove the straps and tailor it to your own fashion. The straps can be used as Halter neck, criss cross fashion and the traditional over the shoulder look. Felina produce many types of products across many areas of the female apparel market, these markets include everyday bras and panties, loungewear, and specialty lingerie. The Felina strapless bras and Felina bustiers are part of the specialty section. With smooth molded cups and beautiful tones and impressive support they are a great choice for bridal lingerie and your special day.

            Felina Aubrie Underwire Full Coverage Convertible Underwire Bra, Fawn

            No lingerie drawer will be complete without the Felina Aubrie Underwire Full Coverage Convertible Under...
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