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Freya Lingerie

The Freya Lingerie range is designed for the fashion conscious and the fashion forward lady. Freya designers create gorgeous lingerie using the season's hottest prints and colours, to give you the ultimate comfort in the latest styles and designs including the Freya Parade Underwire Plunge Balcony Bra and the Freya Siren Underwire Plunge Bra. Expertly designed to support and flatter and to give your breasts the uplift and support and shape that you would expect from such a well known brand, every Freya Bra is available in a  B to K cup and a 32-34 back depending on the style and the design on the bra. A Freya Bra can become like a best friend, giving you great support, cheering you up with its funky designs and giving you confidence that you never knew you had. Included in the Freya Lingerie collection from Bras and Honey are Bodies, Briefs, Shorts and Thongs. If you are unable to find what you are looking fof do not hessitate to contact us.

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  • Freya Pulse Short, Black

    The Freya Pulse Short in Black are stunning and sexy in look and design. The base has been adorned with a diamon...

    RRP :£17.50

    Sale Price£14.88

  • Freya Pulse Thong, Black

    The Freya Pulse Thong in Black is the ultra glamorous new ladies thong. The black base is includes a diamond lace sem...

    RRP :£16.00

    Sale Price£13.60

  • Freya Pulse Brief, Black

    The Freya Pulse Brief in Black is the ultra glamorous new ladies brief. The black base is includes a diamond lace sem...

    RRP :£16.00

    Sale Price£13.60

  • Freya Pulse Underwire Plunge Balcony Bra, Black

    The Freya Pulse Underwire Plunge Balcony Bra in Black is a stunning bra that has a delicate semi sheer cup which has ...

    RRP :£34.00

    Sale Price£28.90

  • Freya Willow Thong, Palm

    The Freya Willow Thong in Palm is a charming and beautiful botanical design, the navy base has been has bee...

    RRP :£13.00

    Sale Price£11.05

  • Freya Willow Short, Palm

     The Freya Willow Short in Palm has a botanical theme with tones of pink, green and blue on a navy base.&nb...

    RRP :£14.00

    Sale Price£11.90

  • Freya Candid Thong, White

    The Freya Candid Thong in White is feminine and flirty with its clean white base and vibrant floral design. The ...

    RRP :£13.00

    Sale Price£11.05

  • Freya Candid Short, White

    The Freya Candid Short in White is flirty and fun with its botanical design in blue, white and yellow. The ...

    RRP :£14.00

    Sale Price£11.90

  • Freya Candid Underwire Plunge Balcony Bra, White

    The Freya Candid Underwire Plunge Balcony Bra in White has a funky and fun vibe to it, with its clean and crisp white...

    RRP :£31.00

    Sale Price£26.35

  • Freya Chameleon Thong, Pastel

    The Freya Chameleon Thong in Pastel is in a vibrant and on trend aztec design in stunning tones of blues an...

    RRP :£13.50

    Sale Price£9.50

  • Freya Chameleon Short, Pastel

    The Freya Chameleon Short in Pastel is a vibrant and striking Aztec design in beautiful blues and pinks. Th...

    RRP :£14.00

    Sale Price£9.00

  • Freya Chameleon Underwire Plunge Bra, Pastel

    The Freya Chameleon Underwire Plunge Bra in Pastel is in a striking geometric print in various tones of blu...

    RRP :£32.00

    Sale Price£24.50

  • Freya Willow Underwire Plunge Bra, Palm

     The Freya Willow Underwire Plunge Bra in Palm is a foliage inspired design in tones of navy, lime and...

    RRP :£30.00

    Sale Price£25.50

  • Freya Muse Hipster Short, Sand

    The Freya Muse Hipster Short in Sand are perfect for ever day wear. The Muse Hipster Short are in a elegant and ...

    RRP :£16.00

    Sale Price£13.60

  • Freya Muse Brazilian Thong, Sand

    The Freya Muse Brazilian Thong in Sand has a stylish Jacquard print on the front of the thong, the sides have a ...

    RRP :£14.00

    Sale Price£11.90

  • Freya Fearne Brazilian, Sand

    The Freya Fearne Brazilian in Sand is charming and beautiful in its design and look. The Freya Fearne has a...

    RRP :£12.00

    Sale Price£10.20

  • Freya Fearne Short, Sand

    The Freya Fearne Short in Sand is charming and beautiful in its design and look. The Freya Fearne has a beige base th...

    RRP :£14.00

    Sale Price£11.90

  • Freya Fearne Underwire Plunge Balcony Bra, Sand

    The Freya Fearne Underwire Plunge Balcony Bra in Sand is beautify and dreamy in looks and design....

    RRP :£29.00

    Sale Price£24.65

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Freya Bras are long been known for creating beautiful fashion forward bras for the fuller figure, full busted woman in mind. Bring together sexiness with fantastic support has made Freya a bestselling brand for many years. Combining quirky, playful and interesting mixed with classic and modern inspired designs. Freya always has a hint of the festival vibe with colours that are reminiscent of the boho vibe. Freya is always pushing the boundaries with their flare for using prints and vibrant designs, delicate lace and flirty designs. Freya lingerie specializes in:

  • Balcony Bras
  • Plunge Bras
  • Strapless Bras
  • Half Cup PaddedBras

Freya soft cup bras or non-padded bras have always been a crowd pleaser with the Freya Rio Bra being one of the bestselling ranges they are great all round bras for every day wear and the fit is a classic balcony shape which flatters a lot of shapes. The balcony shape bra gives the breast a more natural look and shape. The balcony bras tend to give great lift and support even for the large cup size, most of these bras are finished with delicate lace detailing along the cups and a back of the bras tend to have leotard back which helps to reduce the chance of the bra sliding off your shoulders. Offering plunging cup support for the ladies that like a little more cleavage under low cut tops and dresses. With all this in mind sometimes it is difficult to remember that Freya sizes range from B to K cups!

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