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    Freya Bikini

    Here at Bras and Honey we have a wide range of gorgeous Freya Bikini which are available in a wide variety of styles such as Balcony, Plunge, Padded and Moulded, so you're able to find the perfect style that suits you. They can be in a  halter neck, with straps or strapless which helps nudge you towards finding the style you prefer your bikinis in. Freya Bikini's tops are available in a  wide selection of sizes from a 28 back to a 40 with cup sizes C to JJ, and the bottoms from a S-XL depending on the style and the design.  Our bikini top and bottoms are sold serperately making it easier for you to create your own unique look and making it easier for you to get a bikini that fits you perfectly.  A wide selection of colours and patterns are used with these bikinis helping to give you an original and fabulous look, so whether you prefer bold block colours or eye-catching prints, stripes or polka dots, there is a bikini for everyone's individual style.  We stock the matching Bikini Briefs, Tankinis, Swimsuits, Kaftans and Pool Dresses from  Freya Swimwear all available at Bras and Honey.

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