Countdown to Christmas: Gift Ideas

Countdown to Christmas: Gift Ideas
by Bras Honey on November 25, 2015

Countdown to Christmas: Gift Ideas

The hardest thing when it comes to Christmas isn’t the drunk aunt who’s starting up an argument with every single family member or the stress of trying to cook everything at once or the crazy amount of hangovers you seem to find yourself having...It’s trying to find gifts.

It’s always so difficult trying to find the perfect gift for everyone, especially your other half. Fear not, lingerie is always the best way to go. Who doesn’t love new lingerie? Sexy, seductive, pretty or an everyday essential.

Bras&Honey are here to help you with our list of great Christmas gift ideas.

We think heading towards lingerie is the perfect way to go though when it comes to Christmas as this is the peak time for tons of parties, dinners and many more special occasions. Every outfit needs a good lingerie companion in order to feel perfect.

At Bras&Honey we try our best to stock for many desired looks in a range of different sizes in order to help women of every size try to find their perfect match.

  • Sexy If it’s a sexy look you’re after purchasing, the Freya Vixen is the ideal collection in order to get the desired look.
  • Pretty If you’re other half is more of a girly girl who loves their bundles of flowers and delicate lace, then the Fantasie Ivana is happy to help.
  • Sophisticated More of an elegant and sophisticated person? The Fantasie Lois is definitely the one for you and will make the perfect gift for that certain someone. It’s stripes, petite bows and semi sheer mesh paneling gives the collection its dose of class and is available in a wide range of colors.

Still struggling to find the perfect gift?

Check out our blog ‘Why women love Lingerie for Christmas’ for a few more gift ideas. The countdown starts now: 1 month to go.


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