Ever wondered what the difference is between a Plunge Bra and a Push-Up Bra? Check out the Get Bras ‘Bra Buying Guide’ for a detailed look at all Bra Styles to suit you!

Ever wondered what the difference is between a Plunge Bra and a Push-Up Bra? Check out the Get Bras ‘Bra Buying Guide’ for a detailed look at all Bra Styles to suit you!
by Bras Honey on June 21, 2016

Bra Buying Guide Wearing a bra has so many benefits that help transform your posture, provide you with essential support, enhance your assets and slim your silhouette. We’re all aware that we should wear a bra everyday and going bra-less often leads to uncomfortable and impractical situations…With all of this in mind it is fundamental that you are choosing and wearing the type and style of Bra that works for you! With a little help from the Get Bras ‘Bra Buying Guide’ we hope that you can get accustomed with all types of Bra’s with sporty support and push-up plunges to consider in your bra buying decisions! Plunge Bra What is a Plunge Bra? A more contemporary Bra Style, the Plunge Bra has been developed to provide enhanced cleavage and a natural ‘push-up’ effect that works for low-cut necklines and dresses. When should I wear a Plunge Bra? Plunge Bra’s are the ideal partner for a low-cut dress or top. The low-centre and more discreet cups ensure that it won’t be peaking out and ruining a sultry ensemble on an evening out.

Push-Up What is a Push-Up Bra? For a real cleavage boost, a push-up bra is a true lingerie hero! Push-Up bras are typically available in a half cup or demi-cup style, that utilises Gel, Liquid or angled padding to lift boobs upwards and inwards creating the illusion of a fuller bust. When should I wear a Push-Up Bra? Push-Up Bra’s are ideal for ladies who want to give the illusion of a bigger bust or need a killer cleavage for a show-stopping outfit. A push-up bra will enhance your assets so choose it wisely and definitely dodge it for the gym.

Sports Bra What is a Sports Bra? Sports Bras have been designed as a high support alternative to be worn during sports. Sports Bra’s reduce movement, bounce and discomfort caused through sports to ensure that breasts aren’t damaged and that you can perform without the added distraction! When should I wear a Sports Bra? Sports Bras are available in a range of varied support to match the type of exercise you will be doing and control the movement. At Get Bras we stock Sports Bra’s designed specifically for everything from the gym to running. However, although Sports Bra’s offer fantastic support they do not offer the same shape or lift as other Bra’s so may be worth dodging this one when wanting to look your best.

Full Cup What is a Full Cup Bra? Ideal for a fuller bust, the Full Cup Bra delivers full coverage and controlled shaping to ensure that boobs stay perfectly in place and supported. When should I wear a Full Cup Bra? The Full Cup Bra is an ideal everyday alternative to the T-Shirt Bra for girls with bigger busts - however, don’t be put off by the fuller coverage, Full Cup Bra’s are available in lacy and feminine designs, so this style is still sexy when it needs to be! Balcony Bra What is a Balcony Bra? The Balcony Bra is a popular choice for many ladies with a half to three-quarter design coverage that’s easy to wear and eternally flattering. Typically Balcony Bra’s provide exceptional support which lifts the chest for a more natural and rounded cleavage. When should I wear a Balcony Bra? Balcony Bras offer a natural rounded lift and a lower centre that’s ideal for scoop neck tops, however this style is often favoured as an everyday choice with many women finding it a comfortable alternative to the T-Shirt bra.

Nursing Bra What is a Nursing Bra? Nursing Bras are designed to be worn during and shortly after pregnancy. Created with flexible and comfortable materials, Nursing Bras try not to restrict the breasts but stretch and support as the breasts grow and change with pregnancy. Nursing Bras always offer additional hook and eyes for further back support throughout this process. When should I wear a Nursing Bra? Nursing Bra’s are designed to be worn primarily after pregnancy with a discreet and easy to use drop-down cup for accessibility during feeding.

Moulded Bra What is a Balcony Bra? Moulded Bra’s are pretty much a Savior in any situation. Developed with seamless cups and heat moulded materials, the moulded bra will sculpt your chest and ensure a rounded shape which works perfectly under all materials and fabrics. When should I wear a Moulded Bra? Moulded Cup Bras are available in a range of diverse bra types and can be worn under all types of ensembles, although the Moulded Cup Bra design is a favourite for everyday be sure to invest in a Moulded Bra for a seamless silhouette that won’t let you down on special occasions. Strapless Bras What is a Strapless Bra? Available in a three section design for fuller busts or a moulded style for a sculpted and lifted look, the Strapless Bra is an absolute investment piece for all ladies! Strapless Bras and Multi-Way Bras allow you to take advantage of the same great support, shaping and lift as a regular bra but with the opportunity to be worn without straps on show! Multi-Way Bras work on the same premise as strapless bras but with removable straps that can be interchanged to sit in different styles. When should I wear a Strapless Bra? Have a strappy top, a bandeau blouse or a one-shoulder dress? The Strapless Bra is your ideal counterpart. Don’t detract from your amazing outfit with shoulder straps, wear a strapless bra to keep your ensemble looking fantastic.

T-Shirt Bra What is a T-Shirt Bra? The T-Shirt Bra is often regarded as the ‘everyday go-to’ for most ladies. With comfort and practicality at the fore-front of the T-Shirt Bra design, this style is often seam-free to be worn flawlessly under jersey and cotton. Remember, T-Shirt bra’s don't have to be bland, pretty and playful patterns make this wearable design both comfortable and cute for everyday glamour. When should I wear a T-Shirt Bra? As the name may suggest, T-Shirt Bras are designed to be worn under T-Shirts and other jersey top designs - however this design is most commonly worn as an everyday style! Strap Styles Although Multi-Way Bra’s offer many styling options when it comes to straps, it’s important to consider other Strap Styles which will help accentuate the look and feel of your Bra. Racerback, Halterneck, Convertible Straps and Invisible straps are all options to when choosing a Bra for a special occasion but consider wider straps for comfort too! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the friendly Get Bra’s team who will be able to help advise you further on specific Bra Styles and Types to suit you, your special occasion, your size and shape, but for now we hope that the Get Bras ‘Bra Buying Guide’ has provided you with a further insight into the different types of bra’s and the benefits they can provide for different occasions and requirements.

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