Still confused about what Bra Size you are? Read the Get Bras guide

Still confused about what Bra Size you are? Read the Get Bras guide
by Bras Honey on May 16, 2016

When we’re shopping for a Bra, what is it that we look for?

A nice material? Check.

A pretty color? Check.

Something practical and comfy? Double Check.

It’s always fun to go Lingerie Shopping when you have a style or design in mind, although we do tend to get a little lost in the colors, prints and materials on offer in Lingerie & Swimwear stores. However, our primary consideration, still remains the toughest one yet.

- What is my bra size? For many women choosing a bra size is a bit of a guessing game, with cuts, cup sizes and back sizes to consider. It’s often quite obvious if a bra doesn’t fit you correctly, it will feel too tight on your back or too baggy on the cups or just straight-up uncomfortable but it’s that unknown territory between the perfect bra fit and the clearly unsuitable that leaves a lot of us undecided, frustrated and wearing the wrong bra size.

According to Curvy Kate Lingerie, one of Bras&Honey's most popular lingerie brands, around 90% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and this brings us to the real Importance of Bra Fittings.

Where Can I Get a Bra Fitting?

Our stores Bras & Honey Boutique 4242 Camino Del Rio N #9 San Diego California 92108 Tel: (619) 282-1178 Provides a Bra Fitting Service, where our specially trained experts measure your bust and back to diagnose your perfect bra size - this is certainly an ideal option for women who are not confident in measuring themselves and often provides a definitive measuring method that’s pretty fail-proof.

However, top lingerie brands like Bras&Honey very own Fantasie, Freya, Wonderbra and Elomi have a range of handy online tutorials and fitting guidance to help you measure yourself at home.

How do I get Fitted for a Bra? 

Why do I need a Bra Fitting?

A Bra Fitting is simply fundamental to ensure that you are wearing the correct bra size. Understanding and identifying which bra size fits you best is essential to ensure that your optimizing your assets with both confidence and comfortability. Many case studies have shown that women who wear the wrong bra sizes lack confidence in posture and suffer with neck, back and shoulder problems as well as further pain in the breast tissue - caused by lack of support. Not only does wearing the correct bra help eliminate pain and damage to the breast tissue but also help supports and enhance your boobs, lifting and shaping your chest for a more slimming appearance.

With the importance of getting a bra fitting having so many valuable benefits, it’s important to never take your bra size for granted and invest in a bra that will lift, shape and enhance your assets to make you feel body confident and positive!

We suggest that you should go for a Bra Fitting around every 6 months with hormones, stress, weight loss and gain and pregnancy all contributing to change in the shape and size of our boobs. If you’re going to do one thing this month, we recommend you get a bra fitting and find out the difference for yourself!

Be sure to follow us online and check out some of our fitting guides for a more comprehensive guide on how to measure your bra size

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