Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

Lingerie Buying Guide for Men
by Bras Honey on October 15, 2015

Lingerie Buying Guide for Men. 

Buying lingerie isn't as daunting as you think, I promise. It can be easy or you can make it harder with your masculinity and awkwardness, but it’s always best to know what’s what and maybe have a little bit of knowledge of what on earth will make your lady smile. Really, after reading this little guide there will be no need to spend a few minutes plucking up the courage to ask the store assistant for her opinion on the little number you've chosen, there will be no need to be so confused of what on earth it is you’re holding in your hand and everything and anything to do with lingerie will be as simple and easy as ever… hopefully. First of all, it’s best to know what’s usually in a complete collection (I’ll choose a little example to help).

The Freya Vixen collection, this collection is actually the perfect gift with its sexy and seductive look, semi sheer fabric and flirtatious pattern.

With this all you’d need is the Bra, Thong or Panties or Boyshort and the Suspender to fully complete the look (personally, I think the Thong offers the look you’re probably after…) It’s not as tricky as it seems.

As well as this, every lady has a preference. What does your woman usually wear? Bright? Black? Lace? Patterned? If you have a rough idea on her usual taste then it’s best to play safe as that’s what she probably likes…hence why she’s wearing them!

Simple enough? I think so! I bet you’re wondering what on earth a ‘Plunge Balcony Bra’ is, aren't you?

I’ll give you a little idea about what styles are available and what they do. 

  • Minimizer = this…minimizes the breasts! Also it offers fuller coverage and is all round perfect for bigger cups. -
  • Full Cup = covers the breasts, comfortable, offers support and is a popular buy for women with larger breasts. 
  • Strapless = these usually come with removable straps, perfect for under dresses and smaller breasts. -
  • Balcony = less coverage of the breast and gives a round and natural shape. -
  • Plunge = more cleavage, extra padding, pushes the bust up, perfect for when wearing lower cut tops/shirts.

Now onto the bottom half. 

  • Thong = less rear coverage -
  • Panties = moderate rear coverage 
  • Boyshort = fuller rear coverage -
  • Suspender = a sexy addition which acts as a belt to hold up stockings.

I told you it’s not as hard as it seems, treat your lady to something special this Christmas with your new knowledge, I'm sure it’ll make her smile… a lot!


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