Christmas buying guides for men

Christmas buying guides for men
by Bras Honey on September 08, 2015

At Bras&Honey we understand how hard it is to find the perfect gift for that special one that's why in todays blog we are created a Christmas buying guides for men that way you don't feel overwhelmed trying to find the perfect gift for her.

These gorgeous new pieces of Lingerie, Swimwear and Shapewear to celebrate the parties and holiday seasons ahead.

We are going to be talking about the latest collections coming in to us, our top picks for holiday Lingerie and what are the key points you will need to do to find the perfect present.

To start off our buying guide, you will need to follow these steps to ensure you get the right item for your other half. Firstly you will need to find out her Bra size and dress size by locating one or more of her Lingerie sets to see which sizes she is wearing at the moment and you may also want to write down the brand of the Lingerie/Bra set she wears. Another thing for you to think about is what sort of gift you are looking for such as Lingerie or Nightwear, which colors and what sort of styles as well. With the fashions seasons changing from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter today we have put together our top 3 picks for Holiday Lingerie to help guide you to a perfect gift.

Fantasie Fusion

Our first pick is Fantasie Fusion, Red is a beautiful. This collection has been one of Fantasie Lingerie, best-selling ranges over the past years, it's sophisticated and delicate bow trims makes this Lingerie set perfect as a gift.

Fantasie Ana

Second to our list is a beautiful set Fantasie Ana is going to be your favorite set, has a combination of beautiful geometric design, extra support and comfort so you can feel secure all day long.

Freya Starlight

Our final choice is following the holiday feel with a vibrant is a wonderful set if you are looking for a great everyday, which will offer a full coverage style. This bra is based on the best selling ever popular Idol style and if you have ever tried to Idol you will know why it is such a favorite for some many to your perfect gift.

If you have any questions about Holiday Lingerie or anything else please contact us.


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