The Guide to Slimming Underwear

The Guide to Slimming Underwear
by Bras Honey on June 25, 2015

Shapewear is becoming more and more of a must have, with women of every shape and size getting their hands on slimming underwear. With so much variety to choose from it can be hard to know where to start or what style you need for your body. So here at Get Bras we have created the Slimming Underwear Guide, to help you in all your shapewear dilemmas.

The All In One

The All in One shapewear is one of the largest sell slimming underwear, usually covers the entire torso and thighs to firmly shape the thighs, hips, bums, tums and the waist. The normally featured open bust, means that you can wear your own bra to fit your outfit, and the open gusset with double flaps makes trips to the bathroom much more comfortable. The perfect choice under a tight dress, with the seamless material and strong compression fabric.

Slimming Panties?

Shapewear panties come all sorts of shapes and sizes, some have a high waistline, some cover the thighs, but all eradicate VPL (Visible Panty Lines). Slimming panties will smooth and shape your lower tummy and bum, for a toned backside and flawless stomach. They are the ideal piece for a little extra support.


Shapewear corsets create an instantly flawless figure under any outfit, with the high compression material and micro-massage effect. They can also improve posture and reduce back pain with the extra back support. The slimming corsets can also be used in post-natal recovery by supporting the stomach muscles. For an impeccable waist in any outfit, for any occasion a shapewear corset is perfect.

Thigh Slimmers

Thigh slimmers provide firm and strong control, to create a smooth, sleek figure. Helping to shape the tummy, thighs, bum and hips, with compression zones and a tummy panel. The flat seams make for a seamless effect, while the cotton gusset make ease of bathroom situations. Great for tight fitting pants, skirts and dresses. And there we have it, the essential slimming underwear guide for all the basic styles of shapewear. I hope we have put some of your shapewear worries to bed and you are now confident of what shapewear is right for you. At Get Bras we have slimming underwear from the best shapewear brands, such as Spanx, Esbelt, Maidenform, Naomi and Nicole and Trinny and Susannah for you to choose from. Have you found this useful? Tell us your shapewear thoughts in a comment.

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