Period Panties

                    Periods are a woman's curse. They cause all sorts of pain and anguish and really make our lives harder while they're here. There's nothing worse than wearing a giant pad that wont stay in place, leaks everywhere, or even doesn't do its job in general. And God knows tampons only work so well, allowing you to leak on your underwear and ruin you favorite Friday briefs. 

                    The solution is simple. Let us introduce you to Period Panties! These briefs are made with an absorbent midsection that will catch anything that drips onto it. They are made specially to handle heavy flow and will keep you from ruining your clothes throughout your period. These panties come in many different styles, whether you want high rise, bikini cut, or even fully cotton briefs. They are made to be super comfortable and sit gently against the skin, allowing for an easy, mess free, comfortable period. The absorbent section in the center can be washed out easily and hung to dry for next day wear and can be used all throughout your period, light or heavy. The midsection is thin and rests comfortably between the legs, the exact opposite of a bunchy pad. 

                    Nothing feels better than putting on a fresh clean pair of undies after a long uncomfortable period. So, why not have that all week long with these thin, soft to the touch, life saving briefs. 

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