Its the most wonderful time of the year and what better way to gift yourself or a loved one than with something from Bras and Honeys stunning collection of lingerie

Why women love Lingerie for Christmas

Why women love Lingerie for Christmas

Why women love Lingerie for Christmas? Women are always so hard to buy for and it’s a well known fact. Whether it’s just a little surprise to say thank you or it’s her birthday or Christmas, it’s like the worlds hardest puzzle trying to figure out what they actually want. Many hints get dropped and the guy spends a good part of 5 months figuring out what to get you but it’s no secret... women love lingerie! This is a great starting point.   Reasons why women love lingerie for Christmas: Personal: Buying lingerie shows that you see them for more than just the partner, wife and mother everyone else sees them as. She’s someone you would love to see in something you chose and someone you still see in the same way you did when you first met.  Special: Women love it when someone goes out of their way to...
by Bras Honey on November 04, 2015





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