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5 Bras for Christmas

5 Bras for Christmas

We are definitely creeping up to Christmas as we can all probably tell from the handful of people asking if it’s acceptable to put Christmas films on yet... in October -but each to their own. Christmas is one of the best, if not the best, holiday we have for these perfect reasons: Filled with happiness and smiles around the people you love Christmas Eve is definitely able to get anyone of any age ranging with excitement (and a lack of sleep) which is always a brilliant feeling! Decorations make Christmas actually feel like Christmas. We all have that one decoration we’ve had for years but never actually makes it to the bin. Christmas dinner. You just can’t go wrong can you? It’s a fact we all have that one outfit we’ve put to the side which are our ‘Christmas Clothes’ and with this, it’s always great to complete the collection...
by Bras Honey on October 19, 2015




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