The evolution of 100 years of Lingerie!

The evolution of 100 years of Lingerie!
by Bras Honey on September 03, 2015
Have you ever wondered what Lingerie women would have been wearing 100 years ago? Well the online and app personalised stories website Mode has created the evolution of Lingerie over the past 100 years in just under 3 minutes. Lately we have been seeing a lot of these types of videos from 100 years of makeup, 100 years of fashion and now we have Lingerie *yay*. Thinking back to iconic Lingerie through the past years we think of Madonna and her cone bra inspired by the 50s bullet bra, Marilyn Monroe with her flash of Panties in the iconic picture in her White cocktail dress and to the current Dita Von Teese with her burlesque styled Lingerie collection. So let?s sit back and enjoy 3 minutes of going through the decades of the evolution of Lingerie. Looking through the past 100 years of Lingerie we can see dramatic changes throughout the years with the styling, colors, and patterns and even ditching the Bra (60s) and this montage travelling through each decade is a great source for Lingerie and fashion history. If you are looking for any of these styles of Lingerie, we are sure you will find something similar at Get Bras. At Get Bras we offer great looking Lingerie for you to buy with styles ranging from Plunge Bras, Strapless Bras, Full Cup Bras and more with coordinating Panties, Thongs and Boyshorts. We also offer great looking merry-widows, Babydolls, Chemises, Garter Belts, Garters and Nightwear. Which is the next ?100 years of? would you like to see? We are hoping for 100 years of Swimwear next!

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