Trends for 2016

Trends for 2016
by Bras Honey on October 09, 2015
Now that we are in full swing of AW15 collections arriving on a weekly basis to Get Bras including the beautiful ranges of Freya Vixen and Fantasie Elodie, we have now been given a sneak peek into the new collections that are being produced for next year. Today we are going to be going through the trends and commenting on what we think the overall trends, colors and designs are and how we can combine them together to make the perfect look for 2016. We will be going through beautiful Lingerie and Swimwear from Freya, Fantasie and Curvy Kate to see what they take is on 2016 trends.

Lingerie Trends

Look through the December-May 2016 collections we can see a mixture of different styles including: - Dreamweaver bohemian chic with a twist of the 70s carrying on from 2015 - Quirky styles of floral print illusions with soft pallets of warm neutrals and the ever favoured vibrant florals - Colors of pastel pinks, vibrant yellows, subtle muted nudes and classical Black and White. -Nature inspired prints and Polka dot designs are also included in the 2016 collections The Lingerie ranges for 2016 has put a twist on the Fashion trends for next year with the perfectly constructed support and beautiful patterns that will brighten up your Spring.

Swimwear Trends

On to swimwear for 2016 and pretty much the same from last year however there is more experimental designs and patterns that have created these Bikinis, Swimsuits and Swimwear. The styles we are seeing are: - Bright and bold collections with an intricate sports feel - Wild prints of animal and tropical floral prints - The Classic LBB (little black bikini) with frill assents - Vibrant surfer babe patterns - Retro tropics

Are you excited for the 2016 season of Lingerie and Swimwear? We sure are!


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