10 Signs That You Need To Go Bra Shopping

10 Signs That You Need To Go Bra Shopping
by Bras Honey on October 24, 2016

There are many signs that you need to go bra shopping for a new bra, 85% of women are not wearing a properly fitted bra which is the correct size. There are many issues with trying to find the correct size bra with so many brands and conflicting advice out there it can become confusing. Buying bras can be difficult and I liken it to buying a pair of jeans, no two brands or styles fit the same. Many women will find that even a color change in their favorite bra can alter the fit of the bra, this is can be due to the dying process of the fabric. Many of us are still wearing the same size we have worn for many years. Did you know that your breasts change size and shape continually through the month? When you wear the wrong size bra you can suffer from some of these symptoms which include back ache, discomfort in your breasts and shoulders. Also have you checked your posture recently, as this can also be affected.

It may now be the time for you to take a long look through your lingerie drawer and it is probably the time to go shopping for some new bras. 1. Do the straps of your bra keep falling off your shoulders or are the straps digging into your shoulders? No matter how tight you make the straps they keep falling off your shoulders, without affecting how the cups and band fits. This is a sign that you just need a new bra. If your straps are digging into your shoulder this means that you are attempting to get a majority of the support from the straps. The support should come mainly from the band, not the straps so your straps should not dig in. 2. Are your underwires not lying flat against your skin do these wires twist or is there a gap underneath? A well-fitting bra with wires should rest comfortably under your boobs and against your chest. 3. Do your underwires poke into your boobs? Your bra should lie beneath your breast, separating and supporting, without cutting into you 4. Is the wire poking out of your bra? This is definitely the time you need to replace your bra unfortunately your bra has gone to bra heaven. 5. Do you feel like you keep having to tighten the straps to get increased support? The support you get from your bra should come from the band and not from the straps. 6. Are you wearing your bra on the tightest hook and eye fastening or the loosest hook and it still feels wrong? Bras are not made to last more than 3 to 6 months if worn daily, they do lose their elasticity over time and they will just wear out. If you are on the loosest hook and eye fastening and your band is too tight you are wearing the wrong size. 7. Do you have a large gap between the top of the cup and your breast? If this is the case it then you need to check the style of the bra you are wearing as this could be to do with breast tissue density as well as getting the correct size bra. 8. Is the band digging into your back? If you are feeling that your band is restricting your breathing or you are getting deep welt marks this is a sign that you are wearing the wrong band size. 9. Does your band ride up the back? If your bra band is creating an arched shape at the back and it feels higher than your boobs your band is probably too big. 10. When you look in the mirror does your bra give you four boobs instead of two or alternatively is your bra giving you one boob instead of two? When you have the four boob look this is usually because the cups are too small, the cups dig in creating a four boob effect. Alternatively, when you have the one boob look this is only acceptable if you are wearing a sports bra. Any other bra should keep your boobs separated, lifted and supported. If you have answered yes to any or all of the above questions it is time for you to go shopping for some new bras. A well-fitting bra will lift and support your breasts, make your clothes look and fit better and improve your posture. A good bra can eve make you look slimmer. Now is the time to go shopping!


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