Get the basics right first!

Get the basics right first!
by Bras Honey on February 15, 2016

When choosing your next bra most ladies stick to there same old bra, over the years I have lost count of the times I have heard “I have worn this bra for years” without considering if the bra of choice is actually the best bra for you and your lifestyle. By updating your thoughts when restocking your lingerie you can make sure you have lingerie of all occasions. T shirt bra As the name describes the t shirt bra is perfect from everyday wear, comfortable for long days at work due to the molded and seamless construction, the t shirt bra is perfect under tight fitting clothes and will give you uplift and a well rounded silhouette. A staple t shirt bra is the Freya Deco, available in a range of colors and sizes from 28 to 38 back sizes and D to GG in cup sizes.

Plunging Bra The plunge bra is an essential lingerie staple that most women are frighten of, The plunge bra is perfect for those low cut evening dresses or low fronted V style blouses. The cup sized plunge bra is meant to flatter your cleavage not force the girls out on show. The plunge bra should be comfortable and give you support while embracing your fuller bust. The Fantasie Marianna bra is a perfect fitting plunge bra that is available in a range of colors, alternatively check out the Freya Hero plunge bra that both offer side support for comfort.

Embrace some color. Black, white and nude are every bodies logical idea of normal but that does not have to be the case. Bright colors are the new normal and are now available in most of your favorite practical styles. Neon colors are everywhere but you don’t have to be this extreme, colors like reds, purples and pinks can be subtle yet fun and lively. Look for the Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte.

Strapless bra. A strapless bra is essential for those nights out when your favorite sexy dress doesn’t cover your shoulders. Without the straps it can be a worry that you will not get the security you require, but things have changed. Strapless bras now offer the lift, shape and cleavage you require while keeping your assets perfectly in place. The strapless bra is now available in a range of colors and some have detached straps . Try the Wonderbra ultimate strapless bra for the revolutionary and patented designed or the Fantasie Samantha with its pretty detailing.

Sports bra What ever you activity a well manufactured sports bra is essential for both your comfort and your health. Every one will have had the unpleasant ‘bounce’ while exercising an this is no only uncomfortable it is also damaging you tissue and fibers. You no longer have to let your curves prevent you from pain free exercising. There are different control levels from so if you are just walking in the park to training for a marathon there is something available to help. Try the Shock Absorber ultimate run sports bra.


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