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Finding the right size bra for you is so important, not only so it looks better, but so that you are comfortable. Read our blogs to find out bra fitting tips and find the style for you today.

The Importance of Bra Fitting- Know Your Bra Size

The Importance of Bra Fitting- Know Your Bra Size

Many of us know the importance of bra fitting, and when we’re shopping for a Bra, what is it that we look for? A nice material? Check. A pretty colour? Check. Something practical and comfy? Double Check. It’s always fun to go Lingerie Shopping when you have a style or design in mind, although we do tend to get a little lost in the colours, prints and materials on offer in Lingerie & Swimwear stores. However, our primary consideration, still remains the toughest one yet - What is my bra size? For many women choosing a bra size is a bit of a guessing game, with cuts, cup sizes and back sizes to consider. It’s often quite obvious if a bra doesn’t fit you correctly, it will feel too tight on your back or too baggy on the cups or just straight-up uncomfortable but it’s that unknown territory between the...
by Bras Honey on June 25, 2018




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