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‘Now I know why girls need a Sports Bra’

‘Now I know why girls need a Sports Bra’

Caitlyn Jenner has introduced her new TV programme ?I am Cait? coming onto our screens July 26th on E and we have all seen the previews and teasers promoting herself on her new journey in life. The former Olympian broke the internet with her new style including her new 36D breast enchantment Caitlyn made a remarkable comment of how she now she realises why girls needs a Sports Bra when doing any form of exercise. When you are exercise you are not only toning muscles and keeping active, you are also elongating fatty tissues in the body and one of the most parts of your body which has these types of tissue are your breasts. With the correct Sports Bra you will be holding the bust in place to prevent these tissues from overstretching and causing any sagging to the breast and will also prevent any discomfort or harm to...
by Bras Honey on July 20, 2015




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