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In this section of our blog we are discussing all things swimwear, from what is in this year to whats not and which styles are the most flattering for your body

Bathing suits for your body shape.

Bathing suits for your body shape.

Choosing swimwear can be one your most tedious shopping tasks with style, shape and sizing to consider. At Get Bra’s we understand the frustrations surrounding swimwear shopping and aim to simplify the process and make it a fun & enjoyable experience. As summer approaches, we thought we help you shop a little easier with a back-to-basics Bathing Suit Style guide to ensure that you’re choosing the best Bathing Suit Style for your Body Shape! Pear Shape If you have full hips or thighs, a defined waist and shoulders that are slightly narrower than your hips, then you may have a ‘Pear Shape’ Body Type. ‘Pear Shape’ ladies are also usually characterised as having a smaller top half and bust. There are plenty of Bathing Suit options for Pear Shaped girls to balance out their proportions with higher cut bikini briefs, plunging necklines and a-symmetrical bathing suits all designed to flatter...
by Bras Honey on April 19, 2016




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