What does your Bra say about you?

What does your Bra say about you?
by Bras Honey on August 21, 2015
Patti Wood has caused a stir up in the Lingerie would with putting her expertise in human behavior opinion on what sort of personality you have by the way you put your Bra on. It might be a simple question, but it has got a conversation going in the Get Bras office. The Bra fastening debate has been recognized worldwide with people putting in their votes to see which is the most popular way to put on your Bra and what it says about you. So today we are going to go through what Patti thinks your personality is from your application of your everyday bra and what percentage of ladies have voted (results taken from a live poll on Daily Mail). Front fastening then swizzle around If you are like 66% of ladies then you are an influencer. The characteristics of an influencer include;
  • Loves to learn new things
  • Loves pretty and colorful Bras
  • Like to feel appreciated
  • Makes a statement to new situations
  • Makes smart decisions
  • Tend to get bored easily

If you join the 29% of ladies who fastener their bras at the back you are a ?Supporter? and your characteristics are;

  • More of a traditional person
  • You are thoughtful and friendly
  • See?s Bra shopping as a social event
  • Willing to give a helping hand
  • Stay true to what they have been taught

If you prefer a front fastening bra with the 2% of the poll then you?re a ?Driver? and your characteristics include;

  • You refuse to waste time
  • You value brevity
  • You love high quality items
  • You are drawn to brand-named items

And finally if you put your bra on by fastening it and putting it on like a t-shirt you are a ?Careful corrector? and you;

  • Are discreet and try to avoid attention
  • Like things to be done right from the beginning
  • Like simple pieces of Lingerie
  • You equip yourself with expert recommendations

So which category do you fall under? We would love to know in the comments!


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