Your boobs in costume at Comic Con ‘15

Your boobs in costume at Comic Con ‘15
by Bras Honey on July 08, 2015

So the San Diego Comic Con 2015 has arrived and we are more than excited to see what cosplay we will be seeing from this year?s convention! The San Diego Comic Con began in 1970 when a group of friends with a passion for comics, movie and science fiction got together and created the minicon. Now in 2015 thousands of people travel across the world and joins together to celebrate their love for fictional characters and express themselves has their favourite people. Mainly focusing on the women costumes we have put together our perfect underwear to enhance your cleavage to the max and what you can combine into your cosplay from Get Bras. Black Widow and the Freya Deco Plunge/Strapless Black Widow from the ever famous Marvel Avengers comic books and the Avengers film is always a popular choice with the Scarlet Johansson skin tight leather jumpsuit with a very reviling cleavage and knee high boots to create the ultimate spy girl. To create this desirable cleavage look we have choose the Freya Deco Underwire Moulded Plunge Bra for its seam free cups so it will provide a smooth shape under the tight fitted jumpsuit, the low centre plunging neckline with an added Powernet wings on the sides for a greater uplift to the bust and with fully adjustable straps for extra comfort. If you are looking to create the original Black Widow with the sleeveless romper, fish netted bodysuit and cape, the Freya Deco Underwire Molded Strapless Bra is a great choice for its gripper elastic to keep the Bra in place (so no pulling it up every 2mins), the sexy, low centre plunge to create the fuller enhanced cleavage look and totally seam free cups to keep that smoother look.?

?Harley Quinn and the Fantasie Premiere

The Batman villain is another popular choice by many as her unique, creative look is great to dress up as and include her memorable ?psychotic? behaviour while in character. The Harley Quinn costume has been altered numerous amounts of times with the original full body jester costume to showing some skin with a tight top and a skirt. We have matched both of the changing outfits to Bras available at Get Bras so you will know which one will be perfect for each look. The Fantasie Premiere Underwire Molded Full Cup Bra is a perfect match with the original Jester jumpsuit as it will still give the enhanced cleavage look but with a more rounded shape to the bust to create that classic womanly figure look. If you are looking to show a little more skin including a plunging neckline the Wonderbra Ultimate strapless has the added feature of a hand structure to make the bust uplift and enhance the bust.?

Xena and the Freya Spirit

The warrior princess is a great choice for giving a strong female role in the Comic Con world for her heroine style and gorgeous costume. Although Xena has a wide range of different outfits we are going to be concentrating on Bikini warrior look in the woods. The Freya Spirit Underwire Sweetheart Padded Bikini Top is a perfect choice as it shows of the huntress feel in a crochet design and beaded trims. With the costume having added golden buttons and fringed cups you will be able to insert these as the crotchet design will willingly attach them on for you.?

Are you going to Comic Con in San Diego this year, or have you already been? We would love to see what you wore and what your experience was like!


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