How many different styles of Freya Bras do Get Bras have?

How many different styles of Freya Bras do Get Bras have?
by Bras Honey on August 06, 2015

When shopping online for Freya Bras many of us will know what style of Bra we prefer, however we might be missing out on another type of Bra that could be more supportive and give the more desirable look we?re looking for. Over the past couple of weeks we have expanded our AW15 Freya Lingerie collection with different styles of Bras and today we are going to guide you through the different styles and what support they can provide for you. Plunge Bra The classic Plunge Bra is a perfect choice if you are looking for the ultimate uplift to the bust for its flattering low cut neckline to a lower centre front panel giving you an extra boost for a fuller cleavage look.

A great example of the Plunge Bra is the Freya Icon Underwire Molded Plunge Bra for its genius contouring to the bust with elasticized embroidery on the top of the cups with a flattering low centre front and fully adjustable straps for extra comfort.?

Strapless Bra Whether you?re away for an occasion or have an everyday outfit that looks better without the dreaded strap slippage a Strapless Bra is for you. Strapless Bras provide a classic look which normally comes with adjustable, detachable straps give a great uplift with padded cups and a wider underband with gripper elastic to keep the Bra in place.

The Freya Deco Shape Molded Strapless Longline Bra is a great choice for its wide underband with a deep cradle to support the bust on the ribs has a higher front panel for a more uplifted look.?

Balcony Bra Balcony Bras are a perfect choice if you are looking for a more rounded shape without high coverage to the breasts and with a straight across cut this will provide a more anchored look and show more cleavage under clothing.

The Freya Rio Underwire Balcony Bra features a three section balcony shape cups with lined under cups and Powernet wings for additional support and shape decorated with a rigid lace and matt silver buckle trims.?

Soft Cup Bra For a day to day bra without any underwiring a Soft Cup Bra is what you need for a comfortable and smooth look under clothing. Although they might not be any underwiring for support, Soft Cup Bras are specially designed with strong fabrics to maintain that support.

The Freya Deco Molded Soft Cup Bra is a great choice for a smoothing look with seam-free cups with a low front plunging neckline and Powernet wings for a more anchorage look.?

Which is your favourite Freya Bras?


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