Lingerie for Halloween

Lingerie for Halloween
by Bras Honey on October 28, 2015

Halloween is just around the corner and is waiting for us to throw on our best costumes, drizzle ourselves in as much blood we can possibly get and attempt to paint our faces with the cheapest face paint we can find. Our costumes are a huge part of the Halloween holiday as this is what we usually put the most effort and thought into what we want to dress as. At the start of October we have all these wild ideas about dressing up as the weirdest things we can think of, but when it actually comes to it...we stick to the most common, which are: - A Cat - A Witch - A Vampire Nothing can go wrong with these highly unoriginal outfits. With a good costume, it’s always best to get the correct lingerie to just complete your look, make you feel supported and ready to go. At GetBras we have a wide range of lingerie which is definitely the ideal candidates to take on your Halloween occasion. First on our list is the Cat Costume which is usually tight with a leather effect material for the popular Cat Woman look. For this look, it’s always best to slip on some shapewear for a slimming and smooth look under your suit. The Flexees by Maidenform Singlet in Nude will look perfect for under your Cat Suit giving you the look you’re aiming for.

A Witch outfit is always a popular choice as they’re well known and often associated with the Halloween holiday. The wispy, simple and fierce design is the easier choice for a last minute costume and will go gorgeously with a Balcony bra. At GetBras we have a range of Balcony bras available, but we have chosen the Freya Siren UW Plunge Balcony Bra in Black in order to match the costume and give your breasts a great uplift and the support you desire.

Finally, a Vampire. This outfit is often designed with a slimmed waistline and a puffy, large skirt for the ultimate gothic look and Victorian feel. To get the best look you possibly can with the tight waist, it’s ideal for you to wear the Goddess Bridal UW Lace Bustier in Black which aims to give you the ultimate slim, shaped and smooth look you need for this outfit.

Are you dressing in one of these costumes this Halloween? Do you agree with our choices? Christmas is also coming up quickly, take a read of our ‘5 Bras for Christmas’ for GetBras top picks for one of the biggest holidays of the year.


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