Sports Bras Get Bras Love

Sports Bras Get Bras Love
by Bras Honey on August 14, 2015
If you?re an avid supporter of the admirable sports bra and its properties, then we applaud you! However, at some point in our life we?ve all been recklessly guilty of hitting the gym or going for a jog without wearing the appropriate bra; totally unaware and unconcerned of the irreversible damage that exercising without the correct support can do, effectively leading to long-term problems. Designed specifically for a gym work-out, yoga and another physical activates Sports Bras are an essential to have while you are getting fit. All of the Sports Bras Get Bras provides all have impressive features and compelling fabric combinations effectively tackle consistent problems faced by exercising with a larger bust and cup size. While you are exercising it has been established that the breasts can move more than 10 centimeters away from the chest, stretching the vital Cooper Ligaments beyond repair. This applies to smaller cups too! So it is essential for every women of every size to wear a Sports Bras while exercising! Today on the Blog we have chosen our top 3 picks for Sports Bras available at Get Bras that will give you the best support and high performance throughout your work out.

Freya Active Soft Cup Bra

Say goodbye to bounce with the Freya Active for its equipped high performance fabrics including COOLMAX and an inner sling to wick moisture away from the body. The Freya Active 4001 is available in Black and White featuring a V-shaped center front for maximum separation to prevent chafing, built up padded straps for extra support and a soft hook and eye back fastener. A fully opening back with wide adjustable straps guarantees the ultimate fit and easy wear with the option of converting to a racer-style back.


Panache Underwire Sports Bra

Specifically created for larger cup sizes, the Underwire Sports Bra has been created by Panache to offer exceptional support from a D-H Cup with a series of astute features to ensure comprehensive hold and comfort during exercise. The flexible underwire, proves an ingenious addition to the classic design; discreetly moving with the shape and motion of your body to secure comfort and support. Wide, curved straps with efficient padding prevents discomfort on your shoulders and helps spread the weight smooth and evenly; whilst a non-rub 3 row padded hook and eye fastening enables you to secure the fit of the bra in a clasp that will not dig in, essential for mat-work at the gym.


Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra

Shock Absorber knows the importance of breast support during exercise and they have manufactured to counteract the figure-of-eight movement that occurs during running. The Shock Absorber Ultimate run effectively combines a selection of perfectly engineered features to ensure a comfortable, practical and exceptionally supported fit that?s available in a range of dynamic and energetic color-ways, in up to an F cup; the Shock Absorber Run is an exciting investment that ensures every sprint is exhilarating and totally bounce-free!?

Which is your favorite Sports Bra? We would love to know!


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