5 Best strapless bras

5 Best strapless bras
by Bras Honey on September 25, 2020

After writing a Blog about How to find the best strapless bra, our clients asked us about recommendations and here are the 5 best Strapless bras these Strapless are our favorites and this is because they give you comfort, style, support and most importantly you will feel secure!

1. Aura Strapless from Fantasie. This bra is comfortable and functional, You can find this strapless in colors Black and Natural.

2. Fit Fully Yours Strapless from Felicia is seam free moulded cups which are lightly padded and have been designed to give a rounded shape under clothing,This bra can be worn in multiple ways, the straps can be positioned in a number of different positions.

3. Deco Strapless from Freya defines your nights out with a ultra-soft handle fabric across moulded foam cups and a elasticated band with gripper elastic to keep the bra up for an increased fabric.Available in 4 different colors!

4. Red Carpet Underwire Strapless from Wacoal  is the perfect bra to go with all of your tricky tops and dresses, the innovative design makes sure that everything stays in place without slipping all day long, so you’ll be able to enjoy your day with the peace of mind of knowing that you’re supported and secure.

5. Smoothing Underwire Molded Strapless from Fantasie has received many admirable reviews and publicity in magazines and on the television all over the world. The design is amazing for the larger cup sizes and works well with those thin straps or strapless ball gowns.

Go check them out, we are sure that you are going to feel in love with all of them!





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