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What is the difference between a maternity and nursing bra?

What is the difference between a maternity and nursing bra?

What is the difference between a maternity and nursing bra? We get this question over and over, that's why we've decided to write this blog. Finding the perfect bra for you starts by having the right fit, no matter if you are pregnant or not.  Visit our last blog about Find our your bra size in 60 seconds! Here you will find the best way to measure yourself or if you don't want to  take the risk and you want to be fitted by one of our Bra fitting experts now is your chance to do in the comfort of your house with our Virtual Bra Fitting. How to know when you are ready to change your pre-pregnancy bra? If you start to feel uncomfortable or tight. This may happen early in the pregnancy or more toward the end of pregnancy.  Either way, you need to find a comfortable maternity bra that offers...
by Bras Honey on March 26, 2021
Pregnancy Bra Tips

Pregnancy Bra Tips

In today's blog: we want to talk about Pregnancy bra questions and tips We understand how many questions you might have as a first time mom, and we are not only talking about baby questions, there are out there some bras questions that moms to be have and we want to make sure to answer most of those questions for you!  One of of the members from our Digital Marketing team is coincidentally pregnant with her first baby and she got together some questions for our bra fitting experts. Q:  When is the right time to get fitted when pregnant? A: You should get fitted when you notice changes in your bra, when you feel uncomfortable or see any spillage out of the cups or if your band is to tight. Q: What is the difference between Nursing and Maternity Bras? A: A nursing bra has a clip for feeding in the front of it,...
by Bras Honey on March 12, 2021





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