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Which Bra Should I Wear??

Which Bra Should I Wear??

Which Bra Should I Wear?? Figuring out which bra to wear with each shirt can be difficult. Why can't we just wear one bra for every outfit? Picking out which bra isn't going to show under you shirts is always hard and you end up trying every combination before you find the right match. Today we're here to show you each perfect combination so you can match any of your tops with the right bra for that prefect fashionable look.  First is the classic, basic t-shirt. A normal fitted t-shirt will cling tightly to your body and will show off every seam of whatever bra you are wearing. The last thing you want is your straps and cups showing through your shirt. In order to avoid this you will want to wear a t-shirt bra, padded if you don't want your nipples to show. T-shirt bras are designed specifically to...
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 12, 2021





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