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6 reasons to get a Bra Fitting at Bras and Honey San Diego

Why You Need to Get a Bra Fitting! Or at least workout your size.

Ladies, we all know that finding the perfect bra can be a challenging task. With various styles, sizes, and brands to choose from, it's easy to end up with a drawer full of bras that don't quite fit right. This is where the importance of getting a bra fitting comes into play. A well-fitted bra can make a world of difference in your comfort, confidence, and overall well-being. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons why you need to get a bra fitting and how it can positively impact your daily life.Your Body ChangesOne of the most common misconceptions about bras is that your size remains constant throughout your life. In reality, our bodies go through numerous changes that can affect our breast size and shape. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and even natural aging can all impact the size of your breasts. As a result, the bra that fit...
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on November 13, 2023
The Difference Between High- and Low-Impact Sports Bras

High Impact vs. Low Impact Sports Bras: Your Complete Guide by Nicola Rodney-Crook

IntroductionIn the world of sports and fitness, choosing the right sports bra is not just a matter of comfort and style; it's essential for your health and performance. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a casual gym-goer, understanding the difference between high impact and low impact sports bras is crucial. In this blog, we'll explore the distinctions between these two types of sports bras and why choosing the right one matters. Additionally, we'll delve into the importance of selecting sports bras with adjustable bands and avoiding certain brands. Let's not forget the critical role of sports bras in protecting the Cooper's ligaments within the breasts. We'll also introduce you to the concept of encapsulated sports bras, a game-changer in breast support. Part 1: The Significance of Sports BrasBefore we dive into the world of high impact and low impact sports bras, let's establish why sports bras are essential for every...
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on November 11, 2023
How to find you Bra size, Bra fitting By a Bra Fitting Expert

A Guide to Perfect Bra Fitting: Finding Your Ideal Bra Size

Introduction Finding the perfect bra can be a transformative experience. The right bra not only enhances your comfort but also boosts your confidence and complements your outfits. But, with the myriad of bra sizes and styles available, it's not always easy to determine your ideal fit. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the art of bra fitting to help you discover your perfect size and ensure your undergarments offer the support and comfort you deserve. The Importance of a Well-Fitting Bra Before we dive into the steps to find your ideal bra size, let's first understand why it's so essential. A well-fitting bra offers several benefits: Comfort: A bra that fits correctly won't dig into your skin, cause discomfort, or leave you adjusting it throughout the day. Support: The right bra provides proper support to your breasts, reducing strain on your back and shoulders. Posture: Wearing a well-fitting bra...
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on November 07, 2023
Top 5 Bras For Going Back To Work

Top 5 Bras For Going Back To Work

The pandemic has been hard on all of us, forcing some to move from job to job or even lose their job all together. Millions of people are unemployed or working from home, staying secluded and inside for most of the day.  Now, what does this have to do with bras, you ask? Well, when you work from home or are completely unemployed, there is no reason for you to want to wear a bra. Many women have abandoned their bras throughout the last year due to lack of human interaction and just for the fact that there is no need to be completely presentable. From the lens of your zoom camera, your friends, family, and coworkers can only see your shoulders and up. So why even try?  This anti-bra behavior will change the way you fit into your bra. Whether you have gained or lost weight during the pandemic...
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on September 15, 2021
Which Bra Should I Wear??

Which Bra Should I Wear??

Which Bra Should I Wear?? Figuring out which bra to wear with each shirt can be difficult. Why can't we just wear one bra for every outfit? Picking out which bra isn't going to show under you shirts is always hard and you end up trying every combination before you find the right match. Today we're here to show you each perfect combination so you can match any of your tops with the right bra for that prefect fashionable look.  First is the classic, basic t-shirt. A normal fitted t-shirt will cling tightly to your body and will show off every seam of whatever bra you are wearing. The last thing you want is your straps and cups showing through your shirt. In order to avoid this you will want to wear a t-shirt bra, padded if you don't want your nipples to show. T-shirt bras are designed specifically to...
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 12, 2021
I've Gained Weight And Now My Bra Doesn't Fit, NOW WHAT??

I've Gained Weight And Now My Bra Doesn't Fit, NOW WHAT??

I've Gained Weight And Now My Bra Doesn't Fit, NOW WHAT?? Covid-19 has had many different effects on all of us, including new found depression, new hobbies, financial problems, and most commonly, weight gain. Every single day we have women coming in to the store telling us how they have gained "Covid weight" and don't have any bras that fit them now.  It's important to know that you are not in this alone. Many, many women have gained weight over the last 18 months and it is completely normal, especially based on the circumstances. We have been stuck at home for many months with nothing to do but take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, when you can't regularly go to the gym or walk around the mall like you used to, weight gain is the biggest side effect. But, again, you are not alone.  The first thing you need to do...
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 05, 2021





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