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What Do You Do When A Bra Doesn't Fit In Your Size?

What Do You Do When A Bra Doesn't Fit In Your Size?

What Do You Do When A Bra Doesn't Fit In Your Size?  When you go to a bra shop, what do you expect? Most people think you are assigned one size and are limited to only the options that gives you. But, you've run into a problem. The fitter gave you your size and now you're trying on the cutest bra in the store and it doesn't fit! How is that possible? We're you cursed to never wear cute bras ever again?  Fear not, there are many way around this. Most of the time, when a bra doesn't fit in your size, you are probably not taking your breast shape to mind. Breast shape and breast size work hand in hand in finding you your perfect fit. Based on your shape, you should be wearing different types of bras in different styles. Your breast shape can determine whether or not...
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on July 19, 2021
Top 5 New Year Lingerie 2021!

Top 5 New Year Lingerie 2021!

We are excited to show you our Top 5 New Year Lingerie 2021! We know this year has been a little different for all of us, that's why the end of 2020 is a day that most of us are anxiously waiting for and the best way to welcome 2021 is wearing the finest and sexiest lingerie, not only because it will have the right fit under your perfect attire but also because it will make you feel confident, beautiful and most importantly secure. 1. Wacoal Lace Perfection. This Collection is perfect because it was a wide range of colors, styles and matching panties, is available in the shades of , Cafe Creme, Charcoal, Strawberry Ice and  Rose Mist.  This collection includes:  Bralette Contour Bra Plunge Push Up Bra Underwire Bra Tanga Panty Panty 2. Freya Starlight. An elegant collection that includes the colors, Rose water, Black and Caramel, the spot lace design is so...
by Bras Honey on December 30, 2020





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