What Do You Do When A Bra Doesn't Fit In Your Size?

What Do You Do When A Bra Doesn't Fit In Your Size?
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on July 19, 2021

What Do You Do When A Bra Doesn't Fit In Your Size? 

When you go to a bra shop, what do you expect? Most people think you are assigned one size and are limited to only the options that gives you. But, you've run into a problem. The fitter gave you your size and now you're trying on the cutest bra in the store and it doesn't fit! How is that possible? We're you cursed to never wear cute bras ever again? 

Fear not, there are many way around this. Most of the time, when a bra doesn't fit in your size, you are probably not taking your breast shape to mind. Breast shape and breast size work hand in hand in finding you your perfect fit. Based on your shape, you should be wearing different types of bras in different styles. Your breast shape can determine whether or not that balcony bra will have you spilling out of the cups. The first thing you need to do in order to wear all these fashionable bras is to find your band size. 

Your band size is the most important because it determines the security of your bra. You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers underneath the band at any given point, making sure its not too tight. If your band is too tight, you can end up hurting your sides and the band can slip up your back, making you slouch and losing the support for your breasts. If the band is too loose, you won't have any side support and your bra could fit entirely wrong. You need to establish your band size so that you can adjust to fit other styles of bras. 

Starting with what we call the "universal" bra, a perfect bra to get you started with this fitting process is a full coverage soft cup bra. The most popular and easy to fit bra we love to use is the Fantasie Fusion Collection. This bra is lightweight and stretches to fit your curves, giving you a perfect fit every time. Once you have gotten comfortable with the band size, you can then start messing around with the cups. 

Try to notice any gaps or empty space in the cups when trying on the bras that don't fit right. It is very common for people with pendulous breasts to have empty space at the top of the cups. It is also very common for people with round shaped breasts or full breasts to have spillage out the top of bottom of the cups. In either case you will want to go up or down in the cup size to accommodate this problem. Don't adjust the band size, as you have already established your band size and you want to keep that tightness throughout your choices of styles. 

And it is really that simple! Once you have followed these step, you should be able to fit into any bra your heart desires. Just keep your breast shape in mind and mess around with that cup size. If you start with the full coverage soft cup bra, you will soon find yourself fitting into the cutest bras in the store! 



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