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What Bra Styles Work Best for Uneven Boobs?

What Bra Styles Work Best for Uneven Boobs?

What Bra Styles Work Best for Uneven Boobs? We've got some news for you, no one is perfectly symmetrical, essentially 100% of women have asymmetry to some degree and that's the totally normal. Don't be ashamed of that, that's call being a human!  If you feel that you have been having trouble finding the perfect bra for you, or that you don't know how to measure yourself, no worries we've got your back!  Getting measured for a bra when you have asymmetrical breasts, we recommend to get fitted based on your larger breast since it’ll wear more comfortably while still having room to adjust to the smaller breast.  The larger breast should fit comfortably in the cup without gaping or overflow. For the smaller breast, you can use small inserts like the Braza Bra Add a Cup Size Form, to add volume so it’s fully supported and fills the cup for an even...
by Bras Honey on April 06, 2021




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