The Wonders of Boob Tape

The Wonders of Boob Tape
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on July 26, 2021

The Wonders of Boob Tape 

Imagine this: You're out and about looking for a perfect dress for that party tonight. You walk past a local boutique, and you spot it, the dress of your dreams. You rush inside to try it on, and it fits like a dream, but there is one problem. The dress is so lowcut that your whole bra is exposed and it's backless. What do you do now? You can't wear a bra with this dress, or you'll look foolish, and you can't alter it in time for the party. Is your only option to settle on a different dress? 

Lucky for you, there's another option. Here at Bras & Honey, we offer a wonderful product called Boob Tape. Boob tape can be used in a hundred different ways and it specializes in making your breasts look full and lifted without having to wear a bra with your outfit. Using boob tape can be difficult, so let us instruct you on how to wear it and give you tips and tricks on how to make it look the most believable. 

When using boob tape, you will always want to test it on your skin before using it long term. In the instructions, it mentions that you should do a skin test 24 hours before using the product. This will prevent any breakouts or allergic reactions from getting too bad before you decide to wear the tape for a couple hours. After you do this, you will be ready to apply the tape.

First, start by measuring everything. You will want a clear vision of how the tape is going to fit on your shoulders and breasts, so you may want to cut out the pieces you need beforehand. Start by measuring from underneath your breast up to the top of your shoulders. Do this on both sides and cut out two or three pieces for this area. Then measure from the bottom of your breast around the side of your breast reaching up towards your shoulder. This will pull your boobs to the center of your chest, giving you maximum cleavage. After this, you should apply each piece slowly and carefully. If you would like to wear nipple covers with the tape, it is advised because some of the tape is going right over the top of your nipples. When applying the tape, you will want to first stick the end to your skin and then slowly lift the protective paper along with your movements. If you rip the paper off all at once, you run the risk of getting the tape mangled and stuck to itself. You will want to hold your breasts in place as you apply the tape, and make sure to stretch the tape tightly so that it form-fits to your skin.

After you’ve done all of this, you should have the perfect shape. You can adjust and readjust as many times as you would like to help you achieve the desired effect. If you need it, you may want to try using double sided “fashion” tape to help hide the boob tape underneath your clothes. This double-sided tape will keep your garments from flying away in the wind and causing you to flash everyone in sight.

Boob tape can be used to lift your breasts and give you your desired amount of cleavage in any outfit. It can help keep your breasts looking perfect even without a bra. The Bras & Honey boob tape is sweatproof and waterproof and will stay adhered to your skin throughout the night.

When taking the tape off at the end of the night, be careful to not rip it off completely dry because you could damage your skin. Because the tape is waterproof, you can’t soak it off. Instead, use anything with lotions or oils in it to slowly massage the adhesive off your skin.



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