What In The World Is Boob Tape?!

What In The World Is Boob Tape?!
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on November 19, 2021

How many outfits do you have that are strapless, spaghetti straps, low cut, or backless? I bet the answer is a lot. Every woman has her favorite tank tp or low cut dress that makes her feel as sexy as ever. But, it sits in the closet and gathers dust because there's no way you're wearing that without a bra, let alone with a bra. The straps, cups, or even band will how underneath, an no one wants to see your undergarments when you're dressed to the nines. How do we fix this problem? Strapless bras are not only hard to wear, but still show in that sexy v cut gown. Going braless isn't an option because, imagine if you were to bend over! 

Luckily, here at Bras & Honey, we offer a miracle called Boob Tape. It may sound intimidating, but we assure you, boob tape will be the best thing to ever happen to you. The tape is made with a super stretchy material that forms seamlessly to your skin, a gentle adhesive on one side to apply to the skin. The tape comes in 2 inches wide and 3 inches wide, accommodating for small, medium, and even extra large breasts. The adhesive is strong enough to stick and stay adhered to the skin, but can be removed with ease, preventing any uncomfortable rubbing, pulling, or tearing. We offer a variety of skin toned colors including Blush, Caramel, Cocoa, and Mocha, that will blend in with your skin and help hide the tape better underneath clothing.

Now that you know all about what we have to offer, let us teach you how to apply it! Boob tape may be intimidating, but we assure you, it’s easier than it looks.

First, you have to take some measurements. Depending on the style or shape you’re going for, you have to pre-cut your pieces to fit your breasts. Hold the tape up to your chest and unwind the tape until you have a long enough piece to adhere to the bottom of the breast and stretch up to the top of the shoulder. This piece will create the lifted look and will hold your breasts high on your chest. Another piece should be measured for the side of your breast, pulling the bulging sections upward to create a rounded breast. After this, you can cut extra pieces to hold different parts of your breasts depending on the shape you desire and the top you are wearing it with. The tape can be cut long ways to be thinner or even trimmed along the edges to fit the cut of your top.

Now that you have your measured pieces, you are ready to stick. Each piece has a paper shield that you can easily peel off and disregard. Be careful to not let the tape’s adhesive touch itself because it is near impossible to unstick from itself. Before you stick the tape onto your skin, be aware that your nipples need to be covered with a non-stick fabric. We offer nipple covers here at Bras & Honey that work perfectly for this. Once the nipples are protected, you can safely adhere the tape to your skin and pull your breasts into place!

With boob tape, you can wear any top you’d like without having to worry about a bra strap showing or having to deal with a strapless bra. Boob tape allows you to shape your breasts into any shape you like, skipping the underwires and adjustable straps. Come into the store today and grab your very own roll!


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