A Strapless Bra For Every Breast Shape

A Strapless Bra For Every Breast Shape
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on June 22, 2021

A Strapless Bra For Every Breast Shape 

Bras fit differently on every different person. There are many different types of breast shapes, and each require a certain style of bra to make them look their best. Strapless bras can be a whole different story, giving women a whole new hurdle to jump when it comes to lingerie shopping. It’s important to find the right shape and style of strapless bra because you want it to compliment your breasts and fit your preferences.

Focusing on the most popular shapes, we have recommendations for each type, such as pendulous breasts, round breasts, asymmetric breasts, and East West breasts.

Pendulous breasts, otherwise known as bottom-heavy breasts, tend to carry their weight on the bottom, often resulting in a lot of empty space at the top of the breasts. This shape needs support and lift, usually requiring an underwire and padding. For the pendulous shape, we recommend a molded strapless bra with a wide band and, preferably, some kind of boning around or in the cups. The band needs to be wider than normal because this shape of breasts tends to be very heavy, and you will need the band to support the breasts enough to lift them and keep them higher on your chest. The wide band will also help keep the bra in place and prevents it from sliding down. The boning will help shape the breasts and guide them into a round, perky form. Boning in the cups may be important to avoid the gap at the top where the fatty tissue may not be distributed. If a strapless bra just is not working for your pendulous breasts, we would suggest trying a bustier. A bustier will have boning down the sides along your ribs for extreme support and a guarantee that your breast will be lifted the entire time.

East West breasts have most of their mass front and center, but they point opposite ways and have a flat gap in the center, causing the breasts to sit far apart and have no cleavage. With this set of breasts, we recommend, again, a molded strapless bra. You will want to find a bra that is going to provide the support to push your breast together to center them and give you cleavage. While an underwire is not required because these breasts are not often heavy, boning in the cups can be helpful in shaping the breasts into a more round and center presentation. You may consider investing in a strapless bra with a deep plunge because when your breasts are pushed together, you will have rounder cleavage. A plunge bra may benefit you if you want to wear low cut tops, as it will give you the illusion of wearing no bra.

Asymmetric breasts are very self-explanatory. This shape struggles with uneven fat distribution in each breast, causing them to appear as different sizes. For this breast shape, you will want a strapless bra with graduated padding. This type of padding will push the breasts upwards without creating the gaps along the top of the breast tissue, and it will shape both breasts into the same height and size. Depending on how full your breasts are, you may also want the plunge bra for extra cleavage and an even more convincing show of even breasts.

Lastly, there are round shaped breasts, distributing the fat front and center and usually being naturally lifted. This shape may also range in how full they appear, some being round and still somewhat flat, and some being round and completely full. For this breast shape, you are basically covered in all areas and have the freedom to wear any bra of your choosing. You can even try an unlined strapless bra, which still offer support without the intense shaping that molded bras provide.

Hopefully, this guide will help you in choosing your perfect strapless bra and keep your breasts lifted and supported in any suggestive outfit. If you have any questions about strapless bras, or bras in general, feel free to visit our YouTube channel where we explain all the different every day struggles with bras, lingerie, and more.



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