The Ultimate Guide to Bra Fitting and Wearing Your Bra Correctly by Nicola Rodney-Crook

The Ultimate Guide to Bra Fitting and Wearing Your Bra Correctly by Nicola Rodney-Crook
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on November 09, 2023


Bra fitting is an art that, when mastered, can revolutionize your comfort and confidence. Nicola Rodney-Crook, a certified bra fitting expert, is here to guide you through the intricate process of finding your perfect bra size and wearing your bra correctly. In this comprehensive blog, we'll delve into the world of bra fitting, exploring the importance of finding the right size, and unraveling the mysteries of putting on your bra with precision.

Part 1: The Importance of a Properly Fitted Bra

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of finding your ideal bra size and putting it on correctly, let's take a moment to understand why this is so crucial.

Comfort and Support
A well-fitted bra is a game-changer when it comes to comfort and support. It prevents uncomfortable digging into your skin, straps slipping off your shoulders, and band riding up your back. By finding your perfect fit, you can bid farewell to these nuisances and enjoy day-long comfort.

Confidence Boost
Wearing the right bra can significantly boost your confidence. When your breasts are well-supported and properly positioned, you'll feel more confident in your appearance and your outfits. It's like a little secret you carry with you all day long, empowering you from within.

Better Posture
A bra that fits correctly can improve your posture by redistributing the weight of your breasts evenly across your chest. It takes the strain off your back and shoulders, allowing you to stand taller and more confidently.

Now, let's embark on the journey of finding your ideal bra size with guidance from Nicola Rodney-Crook, Bra Fitting Expert.

Part 2: Finding Your Perfect Bra Size

Nicola's expertise in bra fitting can help you find your perfect bra size with precision. If you would like help finding your the best fitting bra for you! There is the option for an Online Virtual Fitting.

Trying On Different Sizes
Bra sizing can vary between brands and styles, so it's essential to try on several bras in your calculated size. Keep in mind that sizing may also change over time due to factors like weight fluctuations or pregnancy. Regularly re-measuring yourself is a good practice.

Assessing Band and Cup Fit
Nicola emphasizes that the band should sit snugly around your ribcage, parallel to the ground. It should be comfortable without digging into your skin or riding up. The cups should fully encapsulate your breasts without any spillage or wrinkling of the fabric. Remember, the right fit is crucial to your comfort and support.

Part 3: Putting On Your Bra Correctly

Once you've found your ideal bra size, it's equally important to put it on correctly. Nicola's tips can help ensure you're getting the most out of your well-fitted bra.
Nicola Rodney-Crook is a renowned authority in the realm of bra fitting. As a fully certified bra fitting expert, she imparts her priceless wisdom and expertise through her YouTube channel (nicolacrookonline), where she not only guides individuals in finding their ideal bra size but also unveils the secrets of donning a bra correctly. Her popular video, "How to Put a Bra On!" is a testament to her dedication to ensuring everyone experiences the utmost comfort and confidence in their undergarments. With an abundance of knowledge and an unwavering commitment to educating and empowering her audience, Nicola has become a trusted resource for those seeking to elevate their lingerie experience. Her informative content not only promotes the importance of proper bra fitting but also imparts practical tips and hacks for a more comfortable and confident fit, making her an invaluable source of guidance for individuals on their journey to bra fitting mastery.

Fastening the Hooks
Always fasten your bra on the loosest hook when it's brand new. As your bra stretches over time, you can switch to the tighter hooks to extend its lifespan.

Adjusting the Straps
Nicola advises starting with your bra straps at a comfortable length, ensuring they stay in place without slipping off your shoulders. If you experience any digging or discomfort from the straps, it's a sign they may be too tight. Adjust them to a comfortable level.

Checking the Underwire
For bras with underwire, make sure the underwire follows the natural curve of your breasts and sits flat against your ribcage. It should not pinch or dig into your skin.

Centering the Gore
The gore, the center part of your bra that sits between the cups, should lay flat against your chest. If it's lifting away from your body, it may indicate that the cups are too small.

Scooping and Swooping
Nicola Rodney-Crook recommends the "scoop and swoop" technique. After fastening your bra, lean forward and use your hands to scoop your breast tissue from the sides and bottom into the cups. This ensures your breasts are properly positioned and fully supported.

Rechecking Comfort
Wear your bra for an extended period to assess its comfort. You should feel supported without discomfort, itching, or pinching. Your bra should become a second skin, allowing you to move freely without noticing it.

Part 4: Conclusion

Nicola Rodney-Crook, a certified bra fitting expert, has provided invaluable insights into the world of bra fitting and how to put on your bra correctly. Finding your ideal bra size and wearing it with precision can transform your comfort and confidence. Remember that your body changes over time, so it's essential to re-measure yourself periodically. With Nicola's guidance, you can confidently step into a world of well-fitted bras that empower you from within, all day long.


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