Which Bra Should I Wear??

Which Bra Should I Wear??
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 12, 2021

Which Bra Should I Wear??

Figuring out which bra to wear with each shirt can be difficult. Why can't we just wear one bra for every outfit? Picking out which bra isn't going to show under you shirts is always hard and you end up trying every combination before you find the right match. Today we're here to show you each perfect combination so you can match any of your tops with the right bra for that prefect fashionable look. 

First is the classic, basic t-shirt. A normal fitted t-shirt will cling tightly to your body and will show off every seam of whatever bra you are wearing. The last thing you want is your straps and cups showing through your shirt. In order to avoid this you will want to wear a t-shirt bra, padded if you don't want your nipples to show. T-shirt bras are designed specifically to be seamless underneath clothing so that you won't have anything poking through your shirt. These bras will form fit to your body and move with you so that you never have to worry about adjusting them. You can even test this theory in a bright white shirt, a fabric which you could almost everything underneath in. With a t-shirt bra, it still will not show through the fabric, giving you the freedom to wear any t-shirt you want. 

Next, we have the classic low cut tank top. With a tank top, you might feel like it's inevitable that your straps will show because some tank top even come with spaghetti straps. This won't be a problem when you wear a strapless bra! Strapless bras may be scary to deal with because of all the constant readjusting and slipping. But, if you wear it right as we taught you here, you won't have any problems with your strapless bra. You may even want to search for a strapless bra with some push up in order to bring the breasts forward and give desired amount of cleavage. With a strapless bra, you wont have any straps to show and if your tank top is extremely low cut, you can wear a plunge strapless bra so that nothing will show at all. 

Most of the same rules that apply to tank tops apply to deep v tops. No matter the sleeve length, you are not going to want your cups to be showing out of the neckline of your dress. The difference is that instead of wearing a strapless bra, you may want to wear a deep plunge bra. This bra will plunge down to the bottom of your sternum, giving not only a beautiful outline of your breasts, but the ability to wear deep v neck tops. Again, if you want that maximum cleavage, invest in a push up plunge bra to push your breasts together and create that billowing elegant imagery. 

Lastly, we have the sleeveless tank top. With this kind of shirt, the straps are usually cut closer to the neck, giving your bra straps a full view. The back of the shirt may also be cut close together, showing every inch of your bra straps. With this kind of shirt, you have two options. The first being a strapless bra, giving your bra straps no chance of showing below the shirt. A strapless bra could work but is not necessary. Instead, you could wear a bra that has a J-Hook on the back, allowing it to become convertible into a racerback style. These bras can clip together in the back forming an x shape and hiding the straps behind the tank top. 

Tops come in many different shapes and styles and sometimes it can be hard to keep up ad decide what bra to wear with what top. Luckily, there is a bra for every shape of top out there, you just have to find which one works. 



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