Pregnancy Bra Tips

Pregnancy Bra Tips
by Bras Honey on March 12, 2021

In today's blog: we want to talk about Pregnancy bra questions and tips

We understand how many questions you might have as a first time mom, and we are not only talking about baby questions, there are out there some bras questions that moms to be have and we want to make sure to answer most of those questions for you! 

One of of the members from our Digital Marketing team is coincidentally pregnant with her first baby and she got together some questions for our bra fitting experts.

Q:  When is the right time to get fitted when pregnant?

A: You should get fitted when you notice changes in your bra, when you feel uncomfortable or see any spillage out of the cups or if your band is to tight.

Q: What is the difference between Nursing and Maternity Bras?

A: A nursing bra has a clip for feeding in the front of it, you can drop that cup and makes it easy to feed your baby, a maternity bra doesn't have any clip they are just soft cup bras. Both styles can have wires and non-wires so it depends what's comfortable for you.

Q: Can I keep wearing wire bras all through my pregnancy?

A: You can it all depends of how you feel, if you feel comfortable or not, although both Maternity and Nursing bras come in flexy wire which are more flexible than the regular wires for extra comfort. 

Q: How many cup size can I expect to go up?

A: Nobody really knows, it is going to be at least 1 cup size up but it depends of your body, on average could be around 3-4 cup sizes. You'll need to get fitted a couple of times during your pregnancy so keep an eye of how are you feeling and if you see any signs that your bras are not fitting you anymore. 

Q: Will my breast will be the same after I have my baby and I am done with breast feeding?

A: No. Nobody really knows what size are you going to bee after you are done with breast feeding, so you will probably will have to go fitted again, because you probably won't have the same breast shape or different sizes.

Q: When will my milk come in and will my boobs will get bigger?

A: Your milk tends to come in 2-5 days after giving birth and after that a lot of women's experience that their boobs get bigger and heavier because of that milk. Since your sizes are constantly changing we recommend you get a bra that covers up to 3 cup sizes. 

Q: How many times do I have to get fitted during pregnancy?

A: I will say around 3-4 times. It depends on the person, you will need to keep an eye of he signals. 

Q: Will my boobs sag after breast feeding?

A: It all depends on genetics, but your boobs don't sag because of breast feeding, they tend to sag because of gravity or because you are using bras that are not giving you the right support, your Cooper's ligament can stretch and it will never go back up. 

Q: When should I wear a support belt and would you recommend it?

A: The right time t start wearing a support belt is when you start feeling back discomfort, what the support belts does is to relief the weight from your back and under your belly, lifts your bump and supports your back.

Q: How many Nursing bras will you recommend for me to have?

A: If you are breast feeding I would recommend having between 4-5 bras, just in case your breast milk leaks in your bra and you don't have to worry about washing your bras everyday. 

We also offer virtual bra fittings to help you find your perfect fit, if you are interested in a virtual bra fitting you can contact me at:



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