5 Things To Prevent Underwires Breaking in your Bras.

5 Things To Prevent Underwires Breaking in your Bras.
by Bras Honey on December 07, 2020

5 Things To Prevent Underwires Breaking in your Bras, Bras Hints and Tips Bra Fitting Guide, How to get the most from your bras.

Being a Bra fitting expert with my own bra fitting store, I speak to a lot of women about their lingerie Wows on a daily basis. I regularly hear the same questions that crop up time and time again. These questions be related to how the bra fits or how to increase the life span of a bra.

In Todays Blog I will discuss one of the bra issues we hear mentioned a lot concerning underwires.

I have produced a list of 5 ways to prevent your underwires breaking. I will highlight the 5 things that people do that will damage your underwire and stop you asking the question why are underwire uncomfortable.

The 5 lingerie Hacks and Lingerie tips will help answer those questions and to explain how to enjoy your best lingerie hauls. Some of the bra related questions you may have never heard or even thought about and some of the bra fitting tips might hit the spot, We spent a lot of time discussing the most popular lingerie mistakes and some of the issues we come across while finding the best bra size for your body. Treating your bras in line with the manufacturers care instructions can significantly improve the lifespan of your favorite bras.

The best selling bras can also be very gentle if not handled with care, and in this video i will talk to you about how to make your bras last longer and the best ways to extend the life of your bras. Using this how to stop doing things wrong with your bra guide you can watch the best ways to enjoy your lingerie more! 

1. How to put a Bra on!

Bra fitting guide and the best way to put on bras! bra fit tips Putting on a bra incorrectly can not only damage the bra but can also be difficult and can also potentially cause you pain. As a trained bra fitting expert, I see many ways to put on a bra from our customers. Some of the ways to put on a bra can seem to be easier but they are actually more difficult and more expensive in the long run.

2. How to wash a Bra

Washing a Bra the correct way will maximize the life span of your Bra, Washing a Bra Incorrectly will damage your bra quickly.


3. Storing your Bras the correct way

How to Store you bra will really help you from damaging the Underwire on all of your lingerie.

4. Bra Sizing and having the correct size

The Importance of bra size can be underestimated for your comfort, but wearing the incorrect bra size can damage the women's bra because for the pressure you are putting on the fabrics.

5. How much should your bra cost?

Affordability! It's a difficult question to answer but sometimes it can work out better for the lifespan of your bra, Visiting a lingerie store like Bras and Honey isn't accessible to everyone (yet!)

Having a bra fitting expert provide you with lots of bra types advice and the best bra options can really help with your support and comfort.

When visiting a lingerie store you will get help and advice, so you can choose the perfect size bra for you.

The increase and ease of online shopping like at https://www.brasandhoney.com , many more ladies are buying bras online.

With our bra types video you can find comfortable and supportive bras that can give you great lift and support in your perfect size.

We specialize in fuller figure bras and fuller figure lingerie. We would appreciate your Comments below and I would love to hear what you are wearing and if you have any more questions.


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