Bra Shopping Guide

Bra Shopping Guide
by Bras Honey on November 20, 2015

Bra Shopping can be a frustrating task. Maybe you have it on your “to do” list but you have been procrastinating going into the store and trying on bras to find your right size. Sizes can vary by brand, design, and even color. If you know the brand you like, then you are one step closer to getting the right fit. But, there may be a little bit more to getting the proper fit than what you originally had in mind.

Let’s say you have done all of your measurements and calculations and checked them twice. You know your size but for some reason your dream bra doesn’t fit. That may not mean you have to do without that beautiful bra that you fell in love with. You need to experiment a little and be “bra-savvy".

Check out this video ''Measure your bra size''


The difference between a bra that looks good and a bra that feels great can be determined with the “Two-Finger” test. It is a simple and effective test. If you can comfortably slip two fingers underneath the band all the way around and the straps then it is a perfect fit. Knowing how to measure yourself when bra shopping is great, but it does not mean the size you come up with is going to be the right size in every style, color and brand of bras. “Sister-Bra” sizing comes in handy when you are trying on bras for the right fit. Knowing this little secret could save you some time and make all the difference in the world. Sister-bra sizing may seem complicated at first, but once you get it down you will feel like a pro.

Sister-bra works like this: when you go up a band size, you go down a cup size. Let’s say you fit into a 30FF in one bra but in another brand the 30FF band is too tight. You would try on the 32 band size in the F cup.

Once you try on the 32F – the “sister-size” – this should be the perfect fit! Some brands have the same cup volume yet are labeled as totally different sizes. Other brands tend to run small, and some may even run big. When go shopping for a bra, ask the store clerk who should be an expert in sizing. Happy bra shopping to you!



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