Give Your Bottom The Undies It Deserves

Give Your Bottom The Undies It Deserves
by Bras Honey on May 27, 2021

Give Your Bottom The Undies It Deserves

When buying clothes, you always want to be conscious of how they will fit your body and compliment your every curve. So why not do the same for your butt? Certain styles of underwear fit different butt shapes in different ways. First, let's discuss the variety of butt shapes. 

First, we have the square shaped bottom. This shape usually means that the hips and the thighs are the same width, creating a long looking torso. To counteract this, we suggest wearing a high waisted panty or brief to bring the attention upwards and separate the torso from the legs. It may also help to wear a cheeky brief to help round out the cheeks and give you an hourglass shape. 

Next, we have the round shape or "bubble butt". This type of butt usually has evenly distributed fat throughout the cheeks, giving you a spherical look. The waist is usually smaller and the thighs taper inwards towards the knees. With this shape, we suggest a cheeky brief or thong to emphasize the round nature of the cheeks. Try to avoid full coverage panties because this butt shape tends to pull fabric to the center, giving you a wedgie. No one likes wedgies. You may also search for panties with ruching or scrunching in the center back. This will define the round shape and pull the attention towards the center.  

Next, there's the heart shaped bottom. Heart shaped bottoms are thin in the waist and the main mass lies at the bottom of the butt, creating an upside down heart shape. Most women with this butt tend to be pear shaped with a thin waist and thicker thighs. With this shape, you want to compliment the natural billowing towards the bottom with either a high waisted panty or a cheeky brief that has center ruching. This will really bring the eye towards the middle and accentuate those cheeks. Another style you might try is a thong or G-string, giving you gorgeous leading lines toward the center and really defining that heart shape. 

 Lastly, we have the triangle shape. These women typically have wide hips that taper downwards, distributing all the fat towards the top of the butt. With this shape, you will want to give the illusion of roundness with a cheeky brief or boyshort. This type of butt is very common with ladies who have broad shoulders and small hips. You want to avoid full coverage panties, as they will give you a diaper look. Go more for a cheeky pair of boyshorts to even out the hips and bring the attention to the more round areas. 

 Another type of bottom shape is the low bottom or "saggy butt". In this case, you will want to avoid the cheekier panties and stick with full coverage to give you the support you need. You may also consider investing in shaping underwear to give you a nice lift. 


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