Ill fitting bra, top 5 signs!

Ill fitting bra, top 5 signs!
by Bras Honey on September 29, 2020

In today's Blog I want to talk about Ill fitting bra, top 5 signs! I want to explain why bras can either harm you or benefit you and I am talking about our health. That's right, having the wrong Bra can make you sick and feel pain in your back and neck so that's why I feel talking about this topic is so important.

1. Back and neck pain. If you are feeling pain in your neck or back this might mean that you are using a bra that is not giving you the support that you need,  your bust have some weight so that's why using bras with little support like crop tops will generate pain in your back and neck, you need to find a bra that gives you the right support. Little support bras are good for small busts but for the ones that have a large bust is recommendable to use full support bras. 

2. Skin irritation. Most of the times this means bad bra fitting. Believe it or not most of us don't use the right size of bra, the friction of the fabric with your skin can make skin irritation also tight bras can generate poor blood circulation. 3. Bad posture: When you have heavy busts if they don't have the right support your shoulders and back will have all the pressure. You should be able to stand tall. Take a look at this video about how to measure your bra size!

4. Bra strap shoulder groove deformity. When your busts don't have the right support they droop forward and this pulls downs on the straps. this means your shoulders will end it up holding all the weight. This could be very painful that's why is so important to have the right bra for your body!

5. Your bust is spilling out of your cups. This means your cup is too small. This could be very dangerous as the edges of the cups are digging in to your breast tissue. 

Here is another video that it will help you to understand what you are doing wrong.


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