I've Gained Weight And Now My Bra Doesn't Fit, NOW WHAT??

I've Gained Weight And Now My Bra Doesn't Fit, NOW WHAT??
by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 05, 2021

I've Gained Weight And Now My Bra Doesn't Fit, NOW WHAT??

Covid-19 has had many different effects on all of us, including new found depression, new hobbies, financial problems, and most commonly, weight gain. Every single day we have women coming in to the store telling us how they have gained "Covid weight" and don't have any bras that fit them now. 

It's important to know that you are not in this alone. Many, many women have gained weight over the last 18 months and it is completely normal, especially based on the circumstances. We have been stuck at home for many months with nothing to do but take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, when you can't regularly go to the gym or walk around the mall like you used to, weight gain is the biggest side effect. But, again, you are not alone. 

The first thing you need to do is get measured. If you continue to wear your old bra sizes, they will fit too tightly and cause you pain in your ribs, shoulders, and back. You need to grab yourself a measuring tape and get measuring. Measure underneath the breasts around your ribs for your band size. Looking at this number you will see the difference that gaining weight will have on your band size and it will show you that you may need to purchase a new bra or a band extender. After you have measured you band size, measure around the fullest part of your breasts for the cup size. Most of the time, we would tell you to take your measurements while wearing your best fitting bra. This way you would only have to make small adjustments to your previous bra size and the process would be a bit simpler. But, since you have gained weight, it is probably best that you measure without a bra on at all. On our YouTube channel, we have a video on how to do just that. After you have gotten your measurements, use this video to help you calculate your true, current size. 

Next, now that you have your bra size down, visit us in store or on our website to find yourself some new bras that will fit perfectly and make you feel confident again. 

The great thing about breast shapes is that, your shape will not change even if you gain weight. If you have pendulous boobs, you will always have pendulous boobs. If you have east west boobs, you will always have east west boobs. And so on. We have found that there are a couple "universal" bras that truly work for every breast shape. If you are concerned about your breasts not fitting in a certain style because of their newfound plumpness, try one the universal bras. The bras we find work best are the Fantasie Fusion and the Fit Fully Yours Serena. These bras are full coverage and fitting for any and all outfits. These bras are both soft cup bras, giving you breathing room and gentle rounding and lift. Try out these bras for the best form fitting shape. 

Covid-19 has taken many, many things from us, but don't let it take your confidence. You are a gorgeous being and your body tells a hundred stories of your lifetime. You should never be ashamed of the way you look. Treat yourself and that gorgeous body and come get yourself some new bras. 



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