New Year's Lingerie Traditions

New Year's Lingerie Traditions
by Bras Honey on December 24, 2020

New Year’s has arrived, a perfect day to spend time with your loved ones, create resolutions for the new year to come, make wishes and so much more, we have dug into different cultures to see what are their traditions for the new years are and we have found very peculiar traditions that caught our attention. For many the color of your lingerie you wear on New Year’s Eve will determine your luck in the year to come, 2021.

Here are the colors and some of the meanings:

Red: For a passionate and romantic year.

Fantasie Fusion Red

White: For a peaceful and harmonious year.

Elomi Charley, White

Pink: For better relationships with those around you.

Freya Offbeat, Rosehip

Purple: For having wisdom and creativity.

Elomi Cate, Raisin

Blue: For having wellness and good health.

Fantasie Twilight, Ink

Green: For having more wealth, fertility, balancing and growth.

Freya Offbeat, Earl Grey

Yellow: For bringing luck, money and happiness.

 Anita Air Control, Yellow

So, go ahead and pick your favorite color and believe in the great things that are coming to you for the next year!

Happy New Year’s from Bras&Honey



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